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We are having the hardest time locating a GOOD band or DJ. I do not mean any offense by the following comments- its just what we want.
No "wedding singer", no cheese or fist pumping djs that call out during songs. Would like the band/dj to look classy and put together- but KNOW how to keep people dancing all night.
We want:
A mix of hall and oates, britney spears, michael buble, Train, motown and recent hits... (this is why we're thinking dj) however we'd love a live aspect (guitar and sax; piano player and sax etc.)

Any assistance would be awesome! THANKS and best wishes to all the other brides out there!!!

Posted in Spring Lake, NJ, USA
Written on Oct. 20, 2012


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Wedding Date: Oct, 2010
Spring Lake, NJ, USA
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We LOVED our DJ. He did a great job playing the songs we wanted, but also responding to what was actually getting people up and dancing. Everyone danced the entire night, which is exactly what we wanted. His setup was flexible. For our particular day he kept it very small and discreet, which was perfect because our wedding was smaller and more intimate, but he also does larger events. He did our announcements, but was very tasteful about it. We had so much positive feedback and multiple requests for his info after the day.

He also recommended an acoustical guitarist that we used for our ceremony and cocktail hour. This was a last minute decision on our part, but I'm so glad we included him. He definitely added something to those parts of the wedding, and was wonderful. The DJ has other types of live musicians that he works with if acoustic guitar is not what you're looking for.

Paul Anthony Entertainment
Short Hills, Flemington, NYC
908-497-1117 x3

Hope this helps!

Written on Oct. 22, 2012


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