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Payment/Money for Wedding

Wedding Date: Aug, 2017
Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia
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Hi all-

I was wondering how couples traveling from the US to Cartagena did in regards to money for paying the different vendors on that final day. Did you bring large sums of cash (dollars) and exchanged in Cartagena? Is there a way to withdraw from a local bank (not ATM)?

Would appreciate some advise! Thanks!

Posted in Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia
Written on Mar. 01, 2017


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Carolina & Rafael
Wedding Date: Jan, 2016
Bolivar, Colombia
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Hi there.

We did it the following ways: (we never took a large sum of cash, I would honestly be afraid to do that).

We sent our wedding coordinator multiple Bank wire transfers to pay our Florist, Liquor, Church, Church Music, DJ, & Band. She paid all of the vendors for us which eased the process for us immensely.

We did pay our Photographer and Videographer via wire transfer directly. If they are vendors who are used to working with US clients they should be able to provide you their detailed account information and you should be able to simply send them the money via Wire Transfer from your bank.

We also used Credit card. Casa Hotel Pestagua accepted Credit Card we made our deposit and final payment (catering, Hotel stay, incidentals) via credit card which was pretty simple and gave us the best exchange. We used a credit card that had no foreign transaction fee and gave us miles so it actually worked out great. Just make sure you call your credit cards and let them know you will be traveling and possibly making larger charges than usual.

Most vendors require you pay them a week before so we took care of most of the payments before traveling for the wedding.

Not sure if there a way to withdrawal from a local bank.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!

Written on Mar. 01, 2017
Wedding Date: Mar, 2017
Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia
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We used a company named Asset Strategies International out of Maryland to transfer the funds to the bank account of the vendors. They do the conversion and everything for you. You just have to get some additional details from the vendors accounts to do it. This process made it easier for us so we don't have to travel with the money. Here's their website: https://assetstrategies.com/

Hope this helps!

Written on Mar. 03, 2017


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