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Wedding in Deia/Puerto De Soller


My fiance and I hope to get married in Deia or the surrounding area (Puerto De Soller). We would really like to hear from anyone who has had a wedding in this part of Majorca. We would be interested to hear what wedding planner you used, how you found them, where you got married (church and reception), an idea of cost and how the day went for you. Any advice/tips are welcome!

Many thanks in advance.


Posted in Mallorca, Spain
Written on Mar. 11, 2012


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Hi Niamh,
first of all congratulations on your wedding! Mallorca and the area of Deia is a great locations to get married. We are wedding photographers shooting in this area(and all over the world) and are working with all the leading wedding planners on the island. If you send me an e-mail I can send you the agencies we are working with katja@artboda.net.
Please see this high light video with one of the top locations in this area


an our blog you can find more locations


Enjoy! & hope to hear from you soon!

Written on Mar. 13, 2012
Wedding Date: Jun, 2012
Mallorca, Spain
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Hi Niamh,

We are getting married in Deia this summer, so I will let you know about the whole experience once we are back in Denmark. :)

Written on Apr. 04, 2012
Wedding Date: Jun, 2011
Mallorca, Spain
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Hi Niamh,

We had an absolutely perfect wedding last year. Could not fault a single thing. We didn't use a wedding planner. WE had engaged one at the start but were let down by them at the outset so decided to do it ourselves. If I was to do it all over again I would still do it myself. Here is a brief list of what we did/who we used.

Church: San Joan Baptista, Deia. We had fallen in love with this place even before we got engaged. We used our own priest from home but you can use the Spanish priests.

Reception venue: Hotel Valldemossa: it was an absolutely magical venue. We had only 32 guests so we all fit on the veranda outside looking over the valley at the monastery. They do have capacity for more though. The food, drink and service was second to none.

Music: For the church we had a Spanish guitarist called Antonio who played and sang exactly what we had asked him to. He was brilliant. For after the meal we had an English/German duo playing guitars and singing. They were called Kaluza and Co. and they were popular with our guests

Flowers: Bought them in a local market and did them myself. I had done a one noight course with a florist at home. I had ordered the flowers from a florist on the island but was let down 2 days beforehand without an apology!

Photography: We had an amazing photographer (capturemylife photography) who is actually based in England, but gave us a better deal than local photographers were offering for the same quality. He even came over to Ireland a month beforehand at his own cost to meet us. Could not recommend him highly enough!

Transport: We couldn't find reasonable vintage wedding cars or anything which we really liked,so in the end we just hired a vw beetle convertible for a week. My Dad drove me to the church and my new husband drove me back to the hotel.

If you want more details about anything abovee or anything I have not included please don't hesitate to contact me and I can email you more info/photos!

Best of luck at this exciting time!

Written on Apr. 08, 2012

Thanks for your email. Great, I cannot wait to hear how it all goes for you! Best of luck with it all and enjoy every minute!

Written on Apr. 08, 2012

Hi Maeve,

Thanks so much for your email and for all the information, really helpful! Delighted you had a wonderful day, it sounds magical.

Do you mind me asking how you went about finding your entertainment (spanish guitar and german duo), had you seen them perform elsewhere and do you mind me asking approx how much they cost?

The photographer sounds really great indeed, I must check him out.

Do you mind me asking what wedding planner you had engaged, it would be very useful to know just so we're mindful that we don't choose the same as I'm hoping to use a wedding planner myself, provided I'm happy with and confident in their services!

I had a look previously at hotel Valdemossa's website and it looks stunning. In terms of food and drink, it would be very helpful to know how much approx you paid per head just so we can get a sense of price, that is if you wouldn't mind sharing that information, but if not I completely understand!!!!

Thanks again Maeve.


Written on Apr. 08, 2012
Wedding Date: Jun, 2012
Mallorca, Spain
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Hi Niamh,

As promissed here I am to tell you all about our wedding. We used Moments, and they were great paying close attention to every detail. We got married in the Parroquia de Juan Bautista in Deia, and then had a dinner and party reception at Bens D'Avall, a beautiful restaurant overlooking the mediterranean. Our wedding was small, with only 37 guests, and I would not recommend this restaurant if you are a party of over 50 but otherwise it is an amazing place with great local products and excellent service.

During the ceremony we hired a guitar player recommended by Moments. Then after a girl sang bossa nova style while we were having champagne and then there was a DJ who had all the songs we had previously requested.

Send me an email if you want pictures or more details.


Written on Jul. 16, 2012

Hi Niamh

I got married last June n Mallorca, however we got married in Port Andratx church and then had our reception at the St Regis which was amazing! Its such a magical place and you will love getting married over there and so will your guests.

I used Jane Sancho as my wedding planner and she was great! def recommend her!

The only thing that we were disappointed was with the wedding pictures which Artboda took. If you are expecting the same standard that we get in Ireland or the UK then you will not get it from them. They were the most expensive so we went with them thinking they would be the best but I have to say their professional pictures were terrible.

I have had to go to a professional photographer over here in London to try to fix them up. If you are looking for a good 20 mins video then yes they are really good at that but as for an uncut video they just send you 5 mins shots of everything and then when you come back home you have to get someone else to put them together.

Written on Feb. 25, 2013

Hi Suzanne,
I don `t agree with your comment on our photos at all, especially after all what happened on your wedding day and the short time you dedicated to our team. To archive a great result we need a 100 % co-operation of the client on the day. I did tell you before the wedding day that from my experience certain things will not work out. I am sorry that you were not happy with the result, but in some very important moments like the getting ready shoots or the couple shoots you just didn’t give us time to finish the session. In any case I would like to apologize in the name of my team.
Kind regards, Katja

Written on Mar. 19, 2013

Hi Maeve

how did you go about booking the catholic church. thanks


Written on Dec. 01, 2014

I know it is a few years since your wedding, however I was wondering if you could tell me where you purchased your flowers, I hope to make my future-daughter-in-laws flowers...they are being married and we a are staying in Puerto Soller

many thanks

Written on Apr. 20, 2015


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