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Reception Help


We are getting married in Carolina Beach in October. Does anyone have any ideas for a reception location? Has anyone been to the American Legion and know how many people it will hold? I live in Wisconsin and trying to plan this wedding from afar. Any ideas would help tremendously!!!


Posted in Carolina Beach, NC, USA
Written on Jan. 07, 2011


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I was at the American Legion there in Carolina Beach. I did not work there as a photographer, this time I was actually a guest. I want to say he had like 60 people, but the wedding was small in the first place. It was a nice little place. Most of the people were from out of state, so he did not need a big place because he was not expecting many.

If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.

Blake Baxendell

Written on Jan. 07, 2011
Wedding Date: Jun, 2011
Kure Beach, NC, USA
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I am getting married at Fort Fisher this June, and last summer I went and looked at all the reception places I could find near the area. Honestly, I didn't really like the American Legion. It is very "patriotic feeling" and a little run down. There is a hall that would hold probably 80 at max and then a little courtyard area with a gazebo. There is also a bar in a seperate building. I think it was around $300 to rent if I am remembering correctly.

If you are having a small reception (around 50-60) I woud suggest the Kure Beach Community Center. It is much nicer and is only $35/hour to rent.
The only other places I know of on the island are: Fort Fisher Aquarium, the Shag place (I can't remember the name).
I needed a larger place for the reception so I decided to go into Wilmington. We are having ours at the Watermark Marina. It is more expensive, but it was just so nice we decided to splurge. Our second choice was the ballroom at Hampton Inn Medical Park. It is nice and fairly inexpensive ($400-$500 if I'm remembering right). Beau River is also a place near Carolina Beach you might want to check out.

I attached a picture of the American Legion in Carolina Beach. I have more if you'd like to see them, feel free to email me. faithhomelove@gmail.com


Written on Mar. 17, 2011


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