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Catholic Ceremony during Lent??

Wedding Date: Apr, 2011
Franklin, WI, USA
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We are planning an April 16th wedding and have been turned down by many Catholic churches since the date falls during Lent. We have already picked a colleague who is a Monsignour to officiate, and he has put us in his book, and has no problem with the date.

Does anyone have any advice of what we can do - parishes that will allow it?? Our reception is at the Polish Center, and we fell in love with St. Mary in Hales Corners, but they turned us down. We're still waiting to hear back from his brother who is a Sacred Heart seminarian.

As the non-Catholic, this is very stressful for me, but I'm trying my best to stay calm and would appreciate any advice you might have!

Posted in Milwaukee, WI, USA
Written on Dec. 03, 2010


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It is common not to have weddings during Lent unless under special circumstances, i.e. someone is going off to war, dying, etc. Lent is supposed to be a time of thoughtful reflection and therefore exuberant celebration is contrary, so if a wedding is allowed, it is usually encouraged to be an understated affair, with little or no singing, flowers, fanfare, etc.

Were you able to get married during Lent? Please post an update!

Written on Feb. 11, 2015


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