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Before Marriage classes

Wedding Date: Jun, 2010
Washington DC, USA
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has anyone taken one of those classes/workshops with your finance -- that offer insight into marriage such as communicating about rough issues (financial, in laws, religion) etc.? If so, did you find it worthwhile? how much did it cost/ The Washington JCC offers 4 sessions for $75..

Posted in Washington DC, USA
Written on Oct. 26, 2009


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Wedding Date: Aug, 2009
Washington DC, USA
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Yes, it is worthwile (cost depends where you go,ours was free) my husband and I got married just a couple of months ago in august 2009. We both attended different churches at the time so we took classes at both churches. my parents are marriage counselers so we too the class. it was a 10 week group class with about 8 couples in it. we had books to read homework to do and learned how to talk about touchy subjects. After that right before the wedding we had to take a 7 week ONE-ON-ONE session with HIS pastor who was doing our ceremony. Let me say it was LIFE CHANGING, it took work on BOTH our parts to work on and talk about ALL of our issues. We decided in the begining that DIVORCE WAS NOT AN OPTION....sooooo we had to put in the work for our future. since we've been in counsling I am sooooo happy now, we comminicate better, love eachother more, learn how to deal with conflict when it arrises (cause it will), and we have a new found respect for eachother that I never thought would happen. You only get out of couseling what you put into it. We have to pray together read our bible and stay in church. God is the only one who helped us get through our issues and HE is still the one helping us now continue to work on our marriage. I really hope this helped you. let me know if you have anyother questions.

Written on Oct. 26, 2009

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