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Asking people to fly to Italy


I am in the beginning stages of planning my wedding. My dream has always been to get married in Positano. But my parents feel that, while they have been fortunate and can provide me with my dream wedding, that it is rude to impose on people, especially in this economy, to fly to Italy and spend a lot of money to come to my wedding. I am wondering if anyone has come up against this problem, and what solutions they have found. I want my family and friends to be there, and while they say they will do anything to be there now, will they really come when the flight costs and everything else gets factored in? Thanks for any advice!!!

Posted in Positano, Italy
Written on Oct. 08, 2009


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Wedding Date: May, 2008
Sorrento, Naples, Italy
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Dear Deena,

Positano is really a magic & romantic place, the perfect location to get married! Usually all couples send invitations to family members and friends much time in advance, so everybody can organise the jouney to Italy! I can assure you it will be a wonderful exeprience for everybody! For you spouses a fabulous big day & honeymoon, for guest the chance to enjoy holidays in a fantastic place!! Please also consider that there low cost companies such as Ryan Air, Easy Jet, etc. that provide flights at cheap rates if booked in advance. Then for example we can help you to find lovely accommodation at convenient rates! We'll be also happy to help you with all the planning and organisation of your wedding day, taking care of any detail: assistance with legal paperwork, interpreter for the Ceremony, Bride's bouquet, flower decorations, any kind of bookings, accommodation for spouses & guests, transportation, Reception organisation in a wonderful venue overlooking the sea, hairstyle & make-up for the bride and so on as you like best! Please have a look at www.italy-weddingplanner.com for more detailed info & pictures. You can contact us at info@italy-weddingplanner.com and we'll reply you with a free quote as soon as possible! Congratulations & best wishes for your fantastic big day!

Rosanna xxx

Written on Oct. 09, 2009
Wedding Date: May, 2008
Sorrento, Naples, Italy
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Hello Deena,
If people want to be with you, they'll come. we were married in Sorrento and some people came by Easyjet, others by British Airways.
Don't worry!

Written on Nov. 17, 2009

Hi there,

Why not try hiring a villa for your guests?

If you select one in a smaller resort, it may be more reasonable, you could then book coach transport if necessary to bring them to reception.
once you have enquired, you can then work out the cost per head all told.

Hope all pans out well for you, I am not a wedding agency, just a Brit with amazing love of Italy and its people!

Do have a look around! There are many beautiful resorts further down at a lot less cost!

Very best of luck to you!


Written on Jul. 11, 2012


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