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I need help finding a reception site!


Can ANYONE help me find a reception site?? :) I am trying to plan a wedding for Febuary.. I already have my church reserved, and need a place for the reception. I've been running into trouble, because I need a space that will allow us to bring in our own food, and that will accomodate 200+
people. I've noticed that most places require using a licensed caterer, OR the facility is too small. I'm looking for a place somewhere between kirkland and Federal way. I would love some type of unique rental home, mansion, castle, etc.. the ones I've looked at so far are too small..

Posted in Seattle, WA, USA
Written on Aug. 20, 2009


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Wedding Date: Sep, 2008
Seattle, WA, USA
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It really depends on your budget... One place you may consider is the Pickering Barn (right by Costco) in Issaquah? The place I hear is huge! Have you asked the church? occasionally they will let you use their fellowship hall with an additional fee(s).

Hope that helps,

Written on Aug. 20, 2009
Wedding Date: Aug, 2009
Seattle, WA, USA
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I don't know about the capacity for any of their venues, but have you checked out the Jewel Hospitality website?


Hope this helps!

Written on Aug. 20, 2009
Wedding Date: May, 2010
Seattle, WA, USA
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Well, I was having the same problem a few months ago, so here's what I found out:

First of all, most places prefer you have a licenced caterer - but keep in mind that you may be able to make arrangements with the caterer you choose in order to bring in a few dishes of your own. They may have you sign something on your contract to allow you to do so, or charge you a fee.

Large reception sites attached with caterers in the area that I've already talked to and are ok with bringing in food are:

- Spirit of Washington Event Center - Renton, WA
- Shilshole Bay Beach Club - Seattle, WA

Large halls where you would get your own caterers include:
- Daybreak Star Center - Seattle, WA (in Discovery Park - they start booking for 2010 in September 2009)
- 415 Westlake - Seattle, WA (contact Jim Fath: jimfath@415westlake.com)

There are of course many others in the area, but I hope this short list helps a little. Happy hunting!


Written on Aug. 21, 2009
Katherine and Craig
Wedding Date: May, 2009
Seattle, WA, USA
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I just got married on Capitol Hill and the Rainier Chapter D.A.R. House. It is a beautiful mansion that let me have my cousin as my caterer. Check out their website: www.rainierchapterhouse.com

Good luck!

Written on Aug. 24, 2009


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