Lindsay and Mitch's Wedding


My wedding day was almost as perfect as I had dreamed it would be - the only problem was that my videographer didn't show up which really clouds the amazing memories I have of my day. Thankfully, I had hired amazing photographers, Sunny and Jess from Deep Blue Photography who captured so many special moments that just looking back at the pictures reminds me how amazing the day was. This whole situation just showed me how I can plan every last detail of the wedding but I can't control all of the outcomes.
Anyways, our wedding planning journey started before we were engaged actually. My husband and I always said that if our families didn't want us to elope, we would try to bring all the fun we have in Mexico each year, to our wedding. We started by agreeing to hire Taco Del Mar as our caterers and other than booking Sunny and Jess, this was one of our best decisions. We didn't tell anyone that we were having tacos at our wedding, but as expected, everyone was so thrilled when they went up to the buffet and realized that we were solely serving Mexican food.
One of our favorite wedding planning tasks was the cupcake tasting at Cake Affair. We were able to pick and sample 6 of her delicious cupcakes. We didn't finish all 6 huge cupcakes while we there so we were able to take them home. The only problem was that they were so good, they didn't make them home and instead were quickly consumed by me on the car ride home. It was this moment that my husband realized how serious my sweet tooth was! At the wedding, all of our guests must have felt the same as most of the cupcakes were gone before my husband and I even made it over to the cupcake table! Our MC did an amazing job making a joke about the whole situation while still instilling guilt on those who helped themselves before us.
All of our decorations were made by myself, my amazing mom and my 3 bridesmaids. Sticking with the Mexican Beach theme, we had globes filled with sand and shells, shells scattered all over, our card box was actually a sand castle, Mexican party banners hung from the ceilings, and my favourite idea was our Kiss for the Cure bucket. Being that my husband and I are not fans of PDA but knew we would have glass tinkling, we decided that if our guests wanted to see us kiss, they would have to put money in our Kiss for a Cure bucket. Because my husband's sister passed from Cystic Fibrosis, we thought it would be nice to honor her by asking for donations in exchange to see us kiss. Our idea was a hit as our gusts were extremely generous and we were able to donate 520$ to the Cystic Fibrosis foundation!
Another one of my favourite ideas was highlighting all of our travels in our short 3 years together. Our seating chart was a large map of North America with pins stuck where we have traveled together. Each pin represented a table at the reception. Once the guests found their destination, they found the table they were sitting at. On the tables, as part of the center pieces, were two pictures of my husband and I at that location.
Being a Grade 1 teacher and adoring how cute my students are, I knew I wanted to include them somehow so I had them write my husband and I notes on what we can do to ensure we live happily ever after. They were as cute as expected and I will treasure them forever. To add to this, my maid of honor who is also my teaching partner, made a slideshow of videos of our students giving us advice for our wedding day. It was a huge hit and was ever so special to see.
I will end with my favourite part of the day but first, here are my runner ups!
-We decided to do a first look with our photographers and I am glad we did. It definitely helped to ease the nerves and it allowed my groom and I some special time for the two of us.
-Having my husband's 102 year old great grandma able to attend our wedding was a huge blessing. Actually, my groom was lucky enough to have both sets of his grandparents attend whereas mine have all passed. I missed them terribly but knew they were there in spirit. Honoring them, and my husband's sister in our ceremony was an important part of our day.
-My husband and I actually met online but our first face to face meeting was at a Starbucks so the entire wedding party headed there for some fun pictures. We were surprised to be treated almost like celebrities as everyone was so excited to see that it all began there. From there, he went for ice cream and our photographers were able to catch some unreal candid shots.
-Our reception was a blast. Even though our wedding was smallish with only 84 people, we were glad that all of our closest family and friends were able to come and celebrate with us. Only a handful of people stayed for the dance but those who did, had a blast drinking, eating and dancing. It felt amazing to let loose and know that there was nothing left for me to plan, organize or worry about!
My favourite part of the day was our ceremony. Pat Steffes, our amazing officiant gave me the creative power to create the whole entire ceremony. I wrote everything (minus the mandatory legal stuff) and my husband and I each wrote our own vows. Having our ceremony so personal was truly amazing and something we, nor our guests, will ever forget.
Everyone warned me that the day would not be 100% perfect and they were right (although I wish the problem it wouldn't have been the videographer not showing). However, it was still an amazing day that we will remember and cherish forever because we were able to get married and celebrate this momentous occasion while surrounded by all of our family and friends.First, decide what 'feel' you want for your wedding and go from there. We knew we wanted a light hearted, fun, bright wedding that was more party-like than formal. With that mindset from the get go, we were able to make every detail fit into our 'theme'. Second, find a photographer who you like, can trust, connect with, and will enjoy spending a lot of time with. If you want free advice from people in the same boat, join the facebook Wedding groups! I didn't know they existed until the month before my wedding but the people on there are incredibly helpful in giving advice, selling items from their past wedding and recommending people for everything wedding. Finally, remember that it is YOUR day and you and your husband/wife can do whatever you want, however you want. If you don't want to follow traditions, don't. If you want to have a taco bar for supper, do it, haha. You will be so much happier on your wedding day knowing that it is exactly how you dreamed it would be. Good luck and Congrats!


Vendors & Venues Reviews

Taco Del Mar

My husband and I hired this location to cater our wedding. At first, we were leery as who gets tacos for their wedding but being that we love their food (we eat there every week) and our theme was a Mexican one, we knew we had to have their food at the wedding. Ram, the owner, was so helpful, personable, organized and made the whole experience amazing and not stressful at all. He promptly answered my many emails and questions throughout the whole process and had no problems inviting us in to go over our particulars. He did a great job listening to what we wanted and ensuring we got everything we asked for. When the big day came, he did not disappoint! The food was delivered hot, ready to eat, and at exactly the time we agreed upon. My new husband and I along with every single one of our guests LOVED the food and were impressed that it came from a non traditional catering company. I will be recommending this location to future brides and other organizations who require catering.

View Taco Del Mar
Heather de Kok at Grower's Direct

After seeing the incredible bouquets a co-worker was receiving from Heather's shop, I knew she was the one I wanted to create my wedding bouquets. I met with Roselle who was going on a maternity leave so I was a little worried the ball would be dropped but it definitely was not. While Roselle was away with her new one, Heather had no issues inviting me in to talk, replying to my many many questions and keeping me updated with everything. Being that I had no idea which flowers I wanted and only knew that I wanted it to be bright with seashells, they had a lot of creative control. Oh, I had a small-ish budget that they have to consider as well, which they did! When I went in for a peek the thursday before my wedding, there was one type of flower I wasn't crazy about and Roselle had no issues at all switching it out even though she had already made 3 of the bouquets! I felt awful asking her to change it but she assured me it was no problem which really helped lower the stress that I was feeling. Both women are very friendly, personable and clearly amazing at what they do. I will continue recommending Heather de Kok's shop as I already have been since I first met with them. Thank you ladies for creating the bouquets that I had always envisioned for my big day! Oh one more thing, the bouquets lasted 8 days so I was able to enjoy them for a week afterwards!

View Heather de Kok at Grower's Direct
Cake Affair
spruce grove , alberta

I was referred to Cake Affair by a friend who had them do her wedding cakes and I was not disappointed! We were invited to choose 6 flavours (out of over 20!) and taste test them at her home/bakery. They were the most delicious and moist cupcakes I have ever had! She was also very helpful in providing info and suggestions as to what our options were. We ended up ordering over 300 mini cupcakes in 6 different flavours and they were gone so fast, the groom and I only got 3! I will be ordering all of my special occasion desserts through Cake Affair from now on!

View Cake Affair

I was able to personalize and make our invites exactly how I had envisioned. We had 3 pictures as part of our invites and the quality was perfect! They came quickly and at a very reasonable price at 50% off!

View VistaPrint
Deep Blue Photography

I assure you, you will not be disappointed when you book Sunny and Jess as your photographers. Just as their “About Us” section portrays, they are easy going, down to earth, fun people who easily can relate to those getting married. All of the guests at my wedding were incredibly impressed with how personable, and fun yet professional they were. As a bride, it was so easy to work alongside them as they replied to my many emails with my many questions promptly and efficiently – I am actually wondering if they ever sleep! They were always so positive and enthusiastic when we talked which made me feel at ease and even more excited for my big day! On our wedding day they went above and beyond to ensure everything ran smoothly – at one point Jess was literally rolling across the floor at the reception; if that isn’t pure dedication, I don’t know what is! The pictures they captured, formal and candid, are all incredible and perfectly tell the story of our day. They also invited us to get engagement pictures with the Aurora Borealis as a background which is a once in a lifetime experience; one that we are forever grateful to have! My husband and I are so incredible grateful they took us on as clients and captured all of the special moments of our big day! They are absolutely amazing at what they do and such kind, fun, thoughtful, generous, amazing people. They make an incredible team (and Bella too!) and we will continue to recommend you to couples getting married and for those people who want pictures of their fur babies! Thanks again for everything!

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Hot Rod Promotions

Easy to book, Rod answered my emails promptly. There was no issue when I wanted to change my pick up time to an earlier one. We were promised water (and energy drinks) and air conditioning and didn't receive any of that. The 2 drivers did offer champagne but at an added cost. The 2 drivers were on time and VERY polite and helpful but were clueless as to how to get to any of my locations - and I only had 3. They also smoked at each stop and being allergic to smoke, it wasn't pleasant.

View Hot Rod Promotions
Pat Steffes

Pat Steffes is an incredible marriage commissioner and amazing person in general. We knew after receiving the first email back from our initial inquiry, that he would be a perfect fit for my husband and I. He is passionate about his job and it definitely shows. He is extremely personable, kind, humble, funny and hands down has the best laugh. He is easy to communicate with and answered my many emails with my many questions promptly and efficiently. When it came to the week of the wedding, I decided I really wanted to tailor the ceremony to my groom and me and had no doubt that Pat would be a great help in making that happen. I wrote everything I wanted to include and felt completely confident sending it to him to ensure it all flowed nicely and to ensure all the correct legal 'mumbo jumbo' was included. Just 2 days before the wedding, I finally had completed my vows (nothing like leaving something this important to the last second!) and was worried they were too lengthy. Being that I wanted to keep them a secret from everyone, Pat was the only person I could talk to about them. His response of, “these are fantastic. I really like them” were the kindest words I could have received and really helped to once again, calm my nerves (that were growing exponentially at this point). After our rehearsal and our actual wedding day, we received multiple compliments on how great Pat was (which we already knew and had been telling people for a year!) I will recommend him to everyone and anyone as I have already been doing. You will not be disappointed when booking Pat for your big day!

View Pat Steffes
Tuxedo House
Dahlonega, GA

Easy to talk to and were helpful when I was clueless in picking a style and color. All of the groomsmen and groom had to be re-measured within a week of the wedding (they didn't even think about how gaining 10lbs would affect their suits) and there was no issue changing our rentals.

View Tuxedo House
Joey MacDonald Cinematographer

If I could give negative stars, I would. I booked him Feb 24, 2015 for my July 2015 wedding. we emailed back and forth over 30 times with me confirming my booking with him less than a month before my wedding and... HE NEVER SHOWED!!! No email, text, call, nothing. I frantically tried everything to get a hold of him on my big day and there was no answer. He did email me 2 days after my wedding to say he 'thought my wedding was the next weekend and is sorry but he doesn't have the money to refund us and that he will work on it.' He also had the audacity to tell me that now HE is out money because he booked flights to come to Edmonton for my wedding. It has been a month and we have heard nothing. I am out a lot of money and have no video of my big day. When people ask me how the wedding went, the first feeling I get is sadness and anger from this fiasco.

View Joey MacDonald Cinematographer
Sen Studios
Wedding Day Beauty

We had Sunita and Susan from Sen Studios come to our hotel and do my, my mom's and my 2 bridesmaids make up. They both did a phenomenal job and kept us laughing the whole time. They are wonderful women and incredible at what they do!

View Sen Studios
Bridal Debut
Sherwood Park, AB
Wedding Fashion

If I would have rated Bridal Debut after purchasing my dress, they would have had 5 stars (more if I could)! But, there was a huge fiasco with one of their seamstresses and my dress. If you are having alterations done there, I would HIGHLY recommend Gracinda or Sheen.

View Bridal Debut
This is Where we Tie the Knot!
Linddbrook, Tofield, AB
Ceremony Sites

Lions Garden is where we got married. The wedding grounds they have created are breath taking. When scoping the place out and standing at the 'alter' I had an overwhelming feeling that my Grandpa was there too, watching over us and I knew this was the place we would get married. The owners live there so they keep a close eye on everything and ensure it looks beautiful for your day. They have a fountain (that was not too loud), hanging basket of flowers, rustic benches make with old wagon wheels, a nice gate to walk through for dramatic affect, a numerous spots for pictures. They have also built a barn that you can use for an indoor ceremony, rain back up or reception although I have heard there is no running water. There were no other weddings on the day we were married there so we have the place to ourselves and took advantage by getting all of our pictures there after the ceremony. The only reason they only got 4 stars was because after I booked and paid my deposit, they said they may change their minds and have other weddings there on my same day (which I had made sure of, before signing the contract, that it wasn't an option). There were some other small miscommunications but it all was worked out over email and everything was perfect. We also opted for the champagne toast where they have champagne for all the guests as soon as the ceremony is over. It was served chilled, in glass flutes and was delicious.

View This is Where we Tie the Knot!
This Is Where The Party's At!
Division No. 11, AB
Reception Sites

Leefield Community Hall is where the reception was. We liked the size, location in relation to the hotel we booked for guests and the fact we could rent the 'fireside' room to use as our bar area. The only reason I gave it 3 stars was because the lady I dealt with over email was rude when I asked her questions over email when trying to clarify things. For example, I emailed a month before my wedding to ask when she needed the numbers of how many plates, cutlery sets, water jogs, wine glasses, and water glasses we wanted to rent from them (in booking this hall, we were given the rentals list with prices and said we could rent right from them) and her reply was 'the dishwasher is broken and we aren't replacing it so we don't rent that stuff anymore.' I asked when she was going to let me know about this as I was now less than a month from my wedding and without all of that stuff and she said, 'you were given a price list and that's all.' Anyways, I didn't appreciate her rude and short replies but on the day of, everything was great there and there was no issue getting my deposit back.

View This Is Where The Party's At!

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