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great cheap venues in st.louis

Posted in St Louis, MO, USA
154443 Mia Thomas St Louis, MO, USA

Hello guys! I was wondering if anyone could tell me maybe some decent priced venues in St.Louis,Mo. Im getting married in two years so I was wanting to get things together.

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Emptyprofileicon Joline and David St Louis, MO, USA

I was able to book my stuff out really early. I had a two year engagement. Anyways, I would suggest joining They get a lot of traffic and I used them to post many of my questions. Good luck


Emptyprofileicon Joel and Sarah St Louis, MO, USA

The Falls in Columbia, IL cannot be beat. The food is fantastic, the service second to none and the facillities pristine.


Emptyprofileicon Stacey and Brian

Windows on Washington was an amazing venue and the price was absolutely reasonable. My husband and I actually live in Chicago and they really made everything easy for us. 4 stars... Good luck!


80013 Anonymous

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Emptyprofileicon Kelly and Matthew

We really only looked at Windows on Washington and it has a few different pricing levels and options. We were really pleased with everything about the reception site. I don't know what kind of budget you are working with and how many guests you have, but we had an awesome reception and I could not recommend any place more then W.O.W!


115707 Julia and Joef St Louis, MO, USA

We had our ceremony at the Jewel Box in Forest Park. We would have also had the reception there, but they did not have the caterer we wanted (Broadway Oyster Bar), and I think the time was also already booked. In any case, it is an absolutely gorgeous location and the space rental was extremely reasonable in price. You can save on a florist because there are already beautiful flowers inside. Forest Park also has great spots for photos. We loved it.


154443 Mia Thomas St Louis, MO, USA

That sounds really awesome.... I was thinking of Forrest Park... Not sure how expensive it is though!


Emptyprofileicon [email protected] St Louis, MO, USA

The Norman K. Probstein Golf Course clubhouse at the golf course at Forest Park is great. I think they are the only venue in the park that has their own catering which makes it MUCH less expensive than using an outside caterer. They were great to work with and everyone raved about the food and the view. Good luck.


Emptyprofileicon Kayla and Ryan St Louis, MO, USA

I'm not sure if you have your photographer or not but I used Azzara Photographic( they're in St. Charles) they were so cool, their prices were very affordable and my wedding pictures are amazing.


115707 Julia and Joef St Louis, MO, USA

If I remember right, we got the discounted rate - $500. I think the max is $900. Find the info on the Jewel Box for weddings here: We loved it!


Emptyprofileicon Maura Miller

The Jewel Box in Forest Park, Shrewbury Ciy Center, and Two Mikes Catering. All of them were classy and inexpensive


Emptyprofileicon Jennifer and Brandon

We paid $500 for a Sunday afternoon ceremony at The Jewel Box.
Our reception was at the Pavilion. We paid $900 and had access all day. Our reception started at 530pm and we had the most beautiful sunset and lighting for pictures!


Emptyprofileicon Shannon and Thomas St Louis, MO, USA

Our wedding was at Rose of the Hill. Gorgeous venue, and the food is excellent- everything the Hill has to offer. Favazza's restaurant owns Rose of the Hill, and their food is unparalleled (if you like italian). It's only $750 to rent the facility, which is a small rental fee, compared to others. You won't have to hire a caterer, also the cake is included. Excallent cake, too from Missouri Bakery.
Good luck!


Emptyprofileicon Kristin Hohmeier St Louis, MO, USA

I had my reception with the Lemp Mansion at their Grand Hall. I feel that they gave us a really reasonable deal and were very easy to work with, especially since I was planning the wedding from out of state. The food was great and the price included a cake from McArthurs. Plus, I loved the historic aspect of it! I also had a two year engagement, and even if you don't book anything right away it does give you the advantage to do more research! Good luck!


230322 Barbara Smoyer St Louis, MO, USA

My fiance and I are going to have our Nov. 5, 2011, reception at Favazza's Banquet Hall, on the Hill. The price is 1/3 to 1/2 less than the hotels and the most recommended caterers. We are getting the room, minimal centerpieces and decorations, the dinner (several choices), cake, champagne toast for the head table, and 4-hour open bar (mostly beer & wine)!! They have another banquet hall, Rose of the Hill. I think it is more expensive, but also a fancier space. check out their packages at


80013 Anonymous

Check out the Find A Venue Package for locations in the St Louis Metro Area.



Emptyprofileicon Anonymous

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Emptyprofileicon Anonymous

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