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Wedding Venue

Wedding Date: Nov, 2012
Athens, Greece
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I'm looking for an elegant venue for our wedding reception on the beach and near Athens. The venue needs to cater for approx 150 people and must have a reputation for great food. Any ideas?

Posted in Athens, Greece
Written on Nov. 29, 2012


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Wedding Date: Jun, 2008
Athens, Greece
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Your options will vary depending on budget and how close to Athens you'd like to be. My first/fave immediate recco would be Island, http://www.islandclubrestaurant.gr/indexen.html.

Feel free to post any other parameters for additional options.

Happy nuptials!
~ Effie

P.S. - I also have an amazing photographer and list of wedding picture backdrops to recommend if you are intrested. Our Greek wedding extravaganza took place in 2008. ;)

Written on Nov. 30, 2012
Wedding Date: Jul, 2012
Athens, Greece
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We just had our wedding at Coast (the venues part of Vive Mar). The area is called Voula.
The service is great, food is excellent and the prices reasonable.
We have been checking for long the seaside of Athens before we decided, and we found that at Coast you get your money's value.
Other places and our opinion on them:
Veghera, grand resort lagonissi: very beautiful, good food, but overpriced with below average service.
Yabanaki, reception area: very beautiful setting, horrible food
Mojito Bay: relaxed, beach party style wedding, excellent food
The ble: very nice location, very unprofessional management. Didn't bother trying the food
Balux: people tend to like it. We thought its nice to have a drink, not a wedding.
Island: they have some very beautiful spots. It's apparently the place where Greek celebrities get married. We didn't like the posh attitude we received. Good food though.

We had an excellent wedding planner! If in need of one, let us know!

Written on Nov. 30, 2012
Wedding Date: Sep, 2015
Athens, Greece
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I am looking for a place in Athens, to get married next year...
I already wrote to Island, Lagonissi, Margi... but I did not find THE place yet.
I think that I will ask the help of a weeding planner, could you please give the name of yours?...

Thank you!


Written on Jun. 22, 2014


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