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were to do outside reception on lake


we are doing the whole wedding tent and going all out with it.Only thing is we are having a problem with a location.We have come up with renting a lake house for a week.Gives everyone somewhere to stay day b4, day of, and us some time alone for a few days after words.But only spots we can find are on the back side of Oneida lake, and alot of people just are not going to want to drive..We are ready to do a destination wedding at the place Dirty Dancing was all filmed in Virgina because we are so stressed over all this,but kinda beats the thought of a big wedding with all are loved ones
Does anyone have any ideas please ty

Posted in Rome, NY, USA
Written on May. 09, 2012


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Weddings are over priced and over done, when it comes down to it the people that matter will come no matter where it is. The little things of a wedding people do not even notice or remember after the wedding, Like flowers, favors.
Cazenovia Lake is nice also, Lake George has a boat cruise where me and my husband were married and it was great, they took care of most of the details, the guest loved it and actually not expensive. Keep a wedding simple does not mean it will not be beautiful and exciting, just realistic. This is about your memories and not someone elses.

Written on Jun. 12, 2012


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