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Wedding Reception Site Advice

Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Hi everyone, my fiance and I are getting married June 2010 and we are just starting to look at sites for our wedding ceremony/reception. Currently our top picks are Glen Annie Golf Club, SB Polo Club, and Hotel Mar Monte. Has anyone had/will be having their wedding at any of these locations? What were/have been your experiences with these locations? Any info (good or bad) would be helpful! thanks :)

Posted in Montecito, CA, USA
Written on Jun. 05, 2009


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We have worked at all these locations and have attended weddings at 2 of the 3. I can tell you that Glen Annie is nice and very much like a Golf Club, it's a little out of the way for people staying in SB and who don't have a car. The SB Polo Club is very classy and the event staff are very organized. The Mar Monte has changed alot. They have re done the rooms and the reception area looks nice. The hotel rooms are small and a little expensive. My pick would be SB Polo Club! Ellen Gilbert is the event planner and she's really nice and will do everything to make your wedding special! Hope this helps! Happy Planning!

Written on Jun. 19, 2009

Although it was way back in 2003 (when Mar Monte was Radisson), I had my reception there and everyone raved about it. The food was great (so was the cake) and the overall cost was reasonable. And you can't beat the view. It was great to leave all the details to someone else. But, I'm guessing things have changed a lot since then!

Written on Jul. 07, 2009
Wedding Date: Dec, 2008
Santa Clarita, CA, USA
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The locations are nice, sorry to tell you this but Glen Annie Golf Club closed. The SB Polo Club is great I did some events there back in 2004,2005. The Mar Monte is nice, but it also depends on how many people you are having I work with some private estates if you are interested let me know. I can give you some ideas. I don't charge consultation and most of the cateres have event planners and do not charge for consultation it would be good for you to get some ideas!

Written on Jul. 20, 2009

I just checked out a bunch of venues (Mar Monte, Rincon Beach Club, Canary Hotel, SB Museum of Natural History, etc.) and I have decided to go with Mar Monte. Although my wedding is in January, I'm still so excited to have it by the beach. All 3 of their reception rooms are nice and Lindy is amazing to work with. We are on a bit of a budget and she managed to give me everything I want for under $5000. Buuut, my wedding is off-season, so that helped a lot with the price. Still, it's a really nice place. The Canary Hotel rooftop terrace is incredible and I would love to have it there if I were having a summer wedding. I don't know much about the other places you mentioned, but I know Mar Monte is a good value :).

Written on Jul. 25, 2009
Wedding Date: Oct, 2010
Summerland, CA, USA
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I've been looking into estates, but most of them charge a site fee and require 3 nights stay. I don't mind the 3 nights stay if the site fee wasn't so expensive. Do you know any moderately priced estates that could hold a wedding ceremony and reception?

Written on Jan. 07, 2010


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