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Wedding Date: Jun, 2013
Calgary, AB, Canada
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Hey there. I am trying to finda venue for a ceremony and late lunch reception. we dont want a dance, or somewhere that everyone else gets married at. I would LOVe to find an older church that has a big yard that we could go outside and do a cetered BBBQ and have some outdoor stuff planned. I was looking at The Barn in shawnessy, but it is surrounded by houses. I would love some help, because I am seriously suffering when it comes to a location that would work. and honestly- the cheaper the better. we are trying to have a very VERY low cost wedding! thanks!

Posted in Calgary, AB, Canada
Written on Feb. 13, 2012


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Wedding Date: Jul, 2007
Calgary, AB, Canada
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Hi Shelby, I actually live four doors down from the red barn! Its a great price there too, I highly recommend it. I believe they have a huge BBQ you can use too! The Barn has a park all around it, and being a photographer I've used the park for photos several times. Depending on the angles and direction you wont see any houses in the photos (winter included). If you get married when theres leaves on the trees its even more secluded.

The only other places I can think of is maybe some places in Fish creek park or for a church I would look out of Calgary like Rafter six Ranch (Im not sure if the price is right but it sounds like a perfect fit.)

If you need photos I would love to talk more. Call or email me. 403-201-4409 or photos@quantumimagesinc.com

Good luck!

Written on Feb. 13, 2012


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