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It must be impossible... (venue help??)


I'm looking for a location that's within 45 minutes of Ottawa that is a pretty indoor location (no 80's pink or yellow or brown colours!! updated in this century please!), that doesnt require me to use their caterers?! I have an ENTIRE wedding budget of $10k, and I want a nice location but I want to be able to bring my own food and not have to pay $3.00/person to do so! Sadly, I can't seem to find anything!
Please tell me there's hope out there.

best wishes and i hope this finds you well!

Posted in Ottawa, ON, Canada
Written on Feb. 05, 2012


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Wedding Date: Jun, 2012
Ottawa, ON, Canada
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Hey hon! Have you tried Cleopatra? It is super nice and awesome prices...

Other places that might give you a super good deal (incase you havent looked into yet!)...with lighting dim u wont see the colours there:

-St. Elias
-the one in Kanata called Carleton something might be too oldish for u...put its cute.
-Minto Suite (its too blue for my taste but I donno if you will like it but they dont seem pricy
-Hilton Airport: last one i can think of with decent prices. Again dim lighting...new building so SUPER clean

I have pics of the last couple there...the first ones u can find pics. if i think of anything else I will let you know.
Let me know if you need anything else I might be able to help u out with!

Written on Feb. 05, 2012

Hi There,

You know there are quite a few venues outside of Ottawa that have great prices. I am not sure what area you are looking for but here are a few that I know you are able to bring in your own caterers.

River Rock Inn - Rockland
Our Lady Visitation Centre - Greely
Stanley's Old Maple Land Farm - Edwards
University of Ottawa Tabaret Hall - Central Ottawa
Glebe Community Centre - Glebe
Ukranian Hall - 1000 Byron Ave

Written on Feb. 06, 2012
Wedding Date: Oct, 2011
Ottawa, ON, Canada
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You might want to try the Stittsville Legion. Although it is older, it certainly would meet your needs. You can bring your own food in if you want or they have the women's auxillary that will do it there. They charge 250 for the hall, and provide bartender. Just a suggestion.

Written on Feb. 06, 2012


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