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Pate Chapel


Hi all! Does anyone happen to know the phone number for Pate Chapel (either the one in the new Thomas Road Baptist Church) or the old Pate Chapel that's actually on Thomas Road? My fiance and I are hoping to have our ceremony in April at one of those two locations, but I can't find any information online. Thanks!

Posted in Lynchburg, VA, USA
Written on Jan. 20, 2012


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Call this number: (434) 592-6100. It is for the TRBC welcome desk. Ask for Michelle. She can help you with scheduling for both locations.

Jared Roeber
Roeber Productions
(434) 944-6197

Written on Jan. 20, 2012

Wonderful! I was able to get in touch with them. Thanks so much for your help!

Written on Jan. 20, 2012
Wedding Date: Aug, 2013
Lynchburg, VA, USA
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Hey there Jenn. I would suggest that you either call Thomas Road or even Liberty if you cannot find there number. I know that there is an information desk on the left side right as you walk in to TR. Are you having a small wedding? If you see my own question I just posted (I'm new to this site), I am having a small wedding because neither my fiance, nor myself, are from VA and are not familiar to what Lynchburg has to offer. We are on a pretty tight budget, and thought of Pate. PLEASE let me know any info you find out about Pate and let me know what kind of wedding you are doing...so I can get an idea if I am on the right track ha. I look forward to your reply! :)

Written on Jan. 03, 2013


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