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Wedding Date: Jul, 2012
Biloxi, MS, USA
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want a small wedding on the beach but dont know how to start the process

Posted in Biloxi, MS, USA
Written on Nov. 04, 2011


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Simple. Find a trustable Certified Professional Wedding Planner that in addition to make your dream wedding day a reality will offer you 100% excellent customer service from the very beginning.

Also, please keep imo mind that first comes love and the commitment between the two of you. A big show spending lots of money sometimes is for other not for you. Loooove small private cute wedding affairs.

If I could be of any help, please feel free to contact me at 228-365-9776

Jessie Goodyear
Long Beach, MS

Written on Nov. 05, 2011
Wedding Date: Jan, 2010
Biloxi, MS, USA
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You may want to start by choosing a date, and inquiring about a permit from the city/county for permission to use the beach for a special function. Also, check the city calender for upcoming events that could be a conflict of interest for your special day. After you secure a date and a permit, you then may want to consider leasing companies for the chairs and "altar" for the ceremony. Next, are you going to hold the reception on the beach or at another venue? My wife and I secured a restaurant for our reception. We found that the cost to secure the entire restaurant was less than it would have been to pay for a location (example: an Old Southern Plantation home) which typically charge $500-$5,000 per event, and also paying for a caterer.
Most caterers try to charge about $35-50 a head for a buffet style reception (for 150 persons at $35 a head is $5,250). Most fine dining restaurants charge the same thing, plus the staff is attentive, and can provide a sit down meal, and you are not paying for the venue. Then, of course, secure flowers, cake, and pastor/priest.
It all depends on what you want, and how much that you want to spend.

Hope this was of some help,

Written on Nov. 08, 2011


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