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Outdoor Venue Recommendations??

Wedding Date: Aug, 2013
Langley, BC, Canada
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We are looking for a Venue for our wedding and preferably, we would like somewhere where we can have both our ceremony and reception outdoors. Also, we would like to provide our own food/booze. I'm trying to stay around the Langley area, and two venues I've come across and would like feedback on if possible are Pacific Country Stables, and Willoughby Manor. Somewhere nice and scenic that will accommodate up to about 150 people. Any ideas or feedback would be much appreciated, thanks!

Posted in Langley, BC, Canada
Written on Oct. 03, 2011


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Wedding Date: Sep, 2011
Langley, BC, Canada
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Hi there Colleen. My wife (of nearly three weeks) and I just got married in the Langley area. Due to numerous considerations, mostly surrounding guest mobility, we decided against an outdoor wedding. However, before doing so, we reconnoitered a few outdoor receptions.

I know nothing of Pacific Country Stables, but we did meet with the lovely people that run Willoughby Manor. If we were going to do an outdoor wedding, it would be there. 150 people is the upper limit of what they can accommodate, but it is certainly doable. I would recommend you call them to set up an appointment. They run weddings all throughout August, and the weather that time of year should be lovely.

I'm not certain what you mean by providing your own food (the style of food or the catering), but that is something I'm sure you can discuss with them. They seemed to simply want to assist in helping you have a wonderful day. Oh, and you can certainly have your ceremony and reception there.



Written on Oct. 07, 2011


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