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Including both cultures/traditions: Italian and Chinese

Wedding Date: Aug, 2012
Toronto, ON, Canada
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How do I incorporate Italian and Chinese culture into our wedding so everyone is included? Oh and Uruguayan.

Posted in Toronto, ON, Canada
Written on Jun. 16, 2011


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K and M
Wedding Date: Apr, 2009
Toronto, ON, Canada

We included Italian, West Indian (Guyanese/Bajan) and Ukrainian traditions in our wedding. First, I would do some research and make a list of traditions that you like from all three cultures. Google, google and google some more to find them and see how others have incorporated them into their day. We also are musicians, so live music was very important to us and we had friends and family play all night. Of course, they were all very talented (no open stage!!) and everyone loved it! My biggest piece of advice is to make the day about you and your partner, not trying to please everyone else. We incorporated traditions from these different cultures because it was important to us and it went amazingly well! Food, music, and ceremonial elements are probably the three easiest areas where you can give a shout out to each culture. Perhaps a Chinese tea ceremony, some Italian music, and a Uruguayan dessert/cake?

Good luck!

Examples from our wedding:
- married on a Sunday (Italian)
- korovai (Ukrainian wedding bread)
- my dad and I came down the aisle to a Ukrainian folk song sung by his best friend and best friend's daughters
- our good friend made us origami flowers for each plate as the take-home part of the favour as we also made a charitable donation (1/2 poppies for the Ukrainian side and 1/2 pride of Barbados for the Bajan side)

Written on Jun. 16, 2011
Wynne & David
Wedding Date: Sep, 2007
Toronto, ON, Canada
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I agree with what K and M outlined. Great points!

Our wedding cultures included Chinese & Spanish (I'm Cantonese & my hubby is half Spanish, half Taiwanese). The theme of our wedding ("Modern Vintage") was emphasized more than too many traditional cultural elements, as we wanted everything to be fluid rather than a mish-mash of too many different elements.

This is how we tied in some of the Chinese/Spanish elements into our "Modern Vintage" theme:
- Had our wedding banquet in a heritage building run by a Chinese restaurant.
- eBay was a great source! Purchased an authentic Chinese wedding hair pin to wear in the evening.
- I'm a music lover and also a musician, so for the background dinner music, I selected a variety of music from different cultures that all have something in common, a cool jazzy or bossa nova vibe, including some old Spanish guitar songs and gipsy flamenco songs. I stayed away from any songs that were "too" traditional (aka no squeeky Chinese operas!)
- For the church ceremony we had all live music/musicians (& singers too). The mothers walked down the aisle to light the candles to an traditional Spanish guitar love song. The Spanish elements were great for adding that romantic edge. The same could easily be done with Italian music.
- FYI: During our banquet dinner, I got the DJ to play an old Italian song called "L'Appuntamento" by Ornella Vanoni. You might want to check that out.
- At the church ceremony, we gave away small Taiwanese cakes already wrapped in decorative paper that looked vintage and placed in a vintage-looking box.
- I thought that most people may not be interested in watching the Chinese tea ceremony, so we had that in the privacy of my sister's home (just before the banquet), because it often tends to be slow moving in pace.
- For guest favours, we wrapped Jelly Bellies inside mini bamboo steamers and tied them with ribbon and sealed with a monogram sticker.
- Our wedding invitation had a modern Asian style, yet maintaining our wedding colours (again, we stayed away from anything that was too traditional, like red Chinese invitations).

Check out our photos for some visuals.
Director's cut wedding video on YouTube:

Good luck!

Written on Jun. 16, 2011
Wedding Date: Feb, 2011
Toronto, ON, Canada
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I spent alot of time trying to please everyone at my wedding but there comes a time when you realize you can't please everyone, you can only please yourselves. Remember you are the only ones who will remember the details of the day. I was married in February 2011 and can guarantee no one but us remembers what food was served, music was played etc....
Enjoy YOUR wedding day!

Written on Jun. 17, 2011
Wedding Date: Aug, 2012
Toronto, ON, Canada
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Thank you so much! It is so kind of you to share your thoughts and experiences. It takes off a little bit of the pressure.

Thanks to all who replied.

Keep 'em comin'! :D

Written on Jun. 18, 2011


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