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Is this my reception venue?


We're considering one venue, and wondering if it's a good option and we should go for it, or if there are better alternatives. For low-$40s per person, we would get 4 hours open bar, appetizers before dinner, a buffet dinner, the wedding cake, and all the serving stuff - and all the reviews are great. My only hold-up is that the reception site is not that great. It's pretty nice, and maybe there's a lot we could do with it. But I love that it's so all-inclusive. And it's the reception site attached to the church, so it's nice and convenient.

There are lots of other fun venues, but I'm worried that they would all be much more expensive than the low-$40s, and we're really trying to keep it around that level. We're looking within St. Louis city.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated! Thank you!

Posted in St Louis, MO, USA
Written on Jun. 06, 2011


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Wedding Date: Nov, 2011
St Louis, MO, USA
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Hi KBlu,
Your reception venue sounds exactly like mine!!! Is it by chance located on The Hill?? I had the same thoughts as you--go with a venue that is not gorgeous, but a fantastic price, or go with a fantastic venue, but we can only afford to give them a limited dinner selection and no alcohol? I went with the affordable venue. I am really glad we did. We will try to hold another event some day in our desired location--a smaller group that won't cost so much!!
I didn't find any other venue that came anywhere near matching the price that this place on The Hill did. Or if they did--it didn't include a huge rental fee!!! When I considered all that, it became a no brainer to go with the "not that great" but "pretty nice" venue. I hope you do too!

Written on Jun. 06, 2011

Thanks so much for your response! It's actually the reception hall attached to St. Francis Xavier on SLU's campus. I appreciate hearing from someone in the same situation, and your reception sounds like it will be great!

Written on Jun. 07, 2011


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