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Reception Site

Wedding Date: Sep, 2011
Eau Claire, WI, USA
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I am trying to find a reception site for my Fall 2011 wedding. I was just wondering if anyone out there knows any place around Eau Claire, WI that has budget friendly pricing for the reception/catering or is pretty flexible with their options? I have emailed quite a few hotels and they all seem firm on pricing and the options available. Any other help ideas or tips would be super helpful!

Posted in Eau Claire, WI, USA
Written on Dec. 31, 2010


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Wedding Date: Oct, 2009
Eau Claire, WI, USA
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Have you tried the Holiday Inn on Craig Road? My friend is having her wedding there and is really excited about having it there. I had my wedding at Fanny Hill, but I am not sure they are budget friendly. I had a pretty small wedding so I was willing to pay a little more for the reception. My sister had her wedding at the Best Western (down the road from the Holiday Inn), but that was around 7 years ago (and it was not the Best Western at that time) so pricing/service may have changed. I would give that one a try as well. Good Luck!

Written on Dec. 31, 2010
Wedding Date: Aug, 2008
Eau Claire, WI, USA
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Do you know that Fazoli's caters weddings? Prices are very, very reasonable. We have catered many local weddings. We provide everything you need including lots of breadsticks and bibs for you and your guests! Please give me a call with any questions or to set up a tasting!

Heather Rehbein
Fazoli's Assistant General Manager

I had my reception at UW-Stout.

Written on Jan. 04, 2011

Are you looking for a hotel reception or are you looking for banquet halls as well?

Written on Feb. 18, 2011


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