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Inexpensive wedding

Wedding Date: Feb, 2012
Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
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So excited to be engaged! I want to enjoy my experience planning, but can seem to feel overwhelmed. I want an inexpensive beach wedding in Fort Lauderdale (South Florida area). But, can't seem to find an affordable place that accepts outside catering. Plus I need ideas on self-made centerpeices. Any ideas? Please!!!!!!.... :)

Posted in Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
Written on Dec. 23, 2010


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Wedding Date: Sep, 2012
Washington DC, USA
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I'm still looking for affordable wedding ideas too. As far as centerpieces go, candles is my biggest suggestion. They are way cheaper than flowers and you can take them home (or let guests take them home as favors) to reuse. There are a lot of online candle wholesalers. I'm thinking of doing a wide, flat bowl with water in it (maybe sand if you are doing beach themed) and putting floating (or tea lights in sand) in it. Also thinking of getting those flat marble/stone things (not sure what they are called obviously) that come in all different colors because I think they will reflect the light nicely, as would sitting the candles on mirrors. Check out dollartree.com. I was amazed by how much stuff was on there...candles, vases, ribbons, etc. Good Luck!

Written on Dec. 27, 2010
Wedding Date: Nov, 2011
Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
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Korinth, I know know exactly what you mean. I'm extremely elated to be enagaged but planning can be very overwhelming. A friend of mine had a beach themed wedding a couple yrs ago & for their centerpieces they had wide, round glass bowls with sand, shells, water & floating candles. Simple, but it was very nice. I think I will be skimping on flowers for our wedding :)

Written on Dec. 30, 2010


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