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Rock Springs Greenville, NC

Wedding Date: Feb, 2010
greenville, nc
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Be careful. They will book a band during your wedding & reception in the other rooms. THey promise they won't but I went out there to sign & asked them to put it in the contract and only then did they tell me they could not guarantee it fully. The whole time they had been telling me they would "never" do that to a bride on her special day. So be careful. If you book teh whole venue it won't be an issue but if you don't...your day could turn out differently than you had hoped!

Posted in Greenville, NC, USA
Written on Mar. 21, 2009


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Wedding Date: May, 2009
Greenville, NC, USA
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Greenville First PH Church offers Wedding and Reception on site. You will have the full use of both buildings; church and reception hall. There will not be any other event booked on your day and your day will turn out EXACTLY as you had hoped. Contact them at 252-756-3315 and make an appointment to see their beautiful facility.

This reception was decorated by Dana Brown of The Event Gallery of Greenville. Her number is 252-714-9560.

Written on Jul. 01, 2009


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