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Wedding Photographer Worry---After the Wedding


So...it's been over a month and a half since my wedding and I have yet to see any photos for proofing. My photographer has been non-responsive or takes entirely too long to respond. I'm really concerned I'm going to end up with NO photos. Anyone else in the same boat???

Posted in Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Written on Sep. 30, 2010


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Wedding Date: Apr, 2010
St Pete Beach, FL, USA
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We did not have that problem at all. Our photos were ready within two weeks of the wedding, but our photographer (Stehman Photography) did say depending on production schedule it could be up to six weeks. She was on top of things. Check your contract to see how long they have before proofs are supposed to be available. My best friend used a different photographer and she had to wait 6 whole months to get her proofs. The contract allowed that and that is how long it took. If they have not exceeded the time allowed in the contract unfortunately there is not much that can be done. Otherwise I would say keep calling. If you have that contract they have to honor it.

Best of luck!

Written on Oct. 02, 2010


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