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Vics on the River

Wedding Date: Sep, 2011
Savannah, GA, USA
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Hi everyone!
I'm considering having my wedding reception at Vics on the river next fall. I've heard great things about it, but I need some clarification from any of you who have been there. The representative told me that the Stoddard room could seat 150 people sitting and there would be a separate room for dancing...are these completely separate rooms (meaning people sitting and eating can't view the people dancing), or is this more of an open space?? I'm concerned also about having the maximum number of people that the room can hold. Did any of you have large receptions (>100 people) at this location? If so, did you feel it was enough space? Thanks in advance for your input!

Posted in Savannah, GA, USA
Written on Sep. 16, 2010


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Lone Pine Photography
Savannah, GA, USA

I'm a wedding photographer, and I've done a few receptions at Vics. They can accommodate your reception size pretty easily, and your guests are going to love the space.


Written on Sep. 17, 2010
Wedding Date: Jun, 2007
Savannah, GA, USA

I attended my cousin's wedding reception there in April, and it was a very nice venue. He had a large guest list, so the area was crowded, but it was not uncomfortable. I think you would be okay at the max number. Also, for the room layout, there are sort of two rooms that have a large opening between them. One of the rooms has the dance floor layed out at the end (right where you come up the stairs/elevator), with seating throughout the rest of the room and the adjoining room. This means that people sitting in the adjoining room weren't able to view the entire dance floor (I was seated in that room), but for the important parts, there was still plenty of room to stand next to the dance floor and watch. Hope that helps!

Written on Sep. 17, 2010

I just came back from Savannah and also looked at that venue. I didn't like the wall between the two rooms, I felt like the guest would be seperated.

Written on May. 04, 2011


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