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Beach House Wedding


In the long is a beach house wedding for about 40 quest really gonna save me money??

Posted in Pismo Beach, CA, USA
Written on Jul. 06, 2010


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Well that depends... most of the time, once you add up your caterer, and renting all your items, you get very close to the same cost as you would have paid at a venue. Going through a venue you have a lot less headaches and hassles and they deal with all the small details...so if there is a savings, it usually isn't worth all the work you will have to put into it. Venues such as ours, where you can get married directly on the beach with a reception in our full ocean view banquet rooms are very affordable for what you are getting. We would be happy to talk to you about all your options and help you find the way to your perfect wedding. www.seaventure.com

Written on Jul. 06, 2010
Wedding Date: Nov, 2009
Pismo Beach, CA, USA
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I agree with the Sea Venture. I did TONS of price comparisons and it actually would have cost me more to do it all my self. That was until I found the SeaVenture. It was beautiful and very affordable with no stress. The onsite coordinator (Krista) was awesome! I would recommend doing your research and some price comparisons to weigh out your options because it all comes down to how much you want to do and how much is included.Good Luck

Written on Jul. 06, 2010
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I would check this place out. 1221 La Vista, in Santa Barbara. It has an in-ground trampoline overlooking the coast, gorgeous! It's a huge house with spectacular views of all of Santa Barbara. I've shot 2 weddings there & it is AWESOME. Both couples were ridiculously happy with it.

One couple had friends BBQ & bring in drinks. They rented tables & such. Friends & family helped set up & it was a BLAST. They were able to do everything when they wanted, how they wanted. I strongly believe it's a great way to save money overall.

Feel free to contact me to view a complete gallery of the weddings I shot at the house. Some images are viewable here, http://www.peerjohnson.com/wedding_photography_santa_barbara.html

Good Luck,
Peer Johnson

Written on Dec. 06, 2010


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