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Wedding Date: Sep, 2010
Miami, FL, USA
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I need help, I'm getting married in Sept but I still need my Vail. Does anyone knows where I can buy one for a resonable price.


Posted in Miami, FL, USA
Written on Jun. 22, 2010


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Hi, i know of a place that does consigment and they have great prices on everything bridal. Its worth checking out.

Written on Jun. 23, 2010

David's Bridal
www.davidsbridal.com - (305) 441-7079 - 18 reviews

Camelot Salon & Spa
www.camelotspa.com - (305) 443-5953 - 23 reviews

Chic Parisien
chicparisienbridal.com - (305) 448-5756 - 48 reviews

Alfred Angelo Bridal
www.alfredangelo.com - (305) 529-5822 - 5 reviews

Alegria's Brides
alegriasbrides.com - (305) 448-0699 - 8 reviews

Belle Fleur
www.bellefleurshops.com - (305) 444-0883 - 6 reviews

J Del Olmo Bridal Gallery
www.jdelolmobridal.com - (305) 448-3599 - 18 reviews

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Written on Jun. 23, 2010
Wedding Date: Sep, 2010
Miami, FL, USA
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I bought mine at Micheal's for $22 which was the exact one as David's bridal ($225). I also found it at Hobby Lobby for $15. I don't know if you have either place in Miami but look for an arts and crafts place in their bridal section, no worries, you don't have to make it.

Written on Jun. 23, 2010
Wedding Date: Jul, 2010
Miami, FL, USA
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My mom is making mine, I would suggest that if someone in your family can sew, as them to make it. Mine has lace all along the border and the lace is really inexpensive. I found mine at Joann and with fabric and all it came out $65. When we looked for the veil I wanted it was over $250. If not I would recommend going in to a fabric store, they have some nice premade veils. There is a store in Orlando called Sewing Studio, it's actually in Maitland, I believe, and they have very cheap and nice veils. If that is too far also try online.
Good luck!

Written on Jun. 23, 2010
Wedding Date: Nov, 2008
Miami, FL, USA
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Dear Juliett:

I had my veil done by Designs by Kristen.

You can check their website to see if this is what your looking for the prices are very reasonable. I was extremely pleased with my veil, which I had especially designed for me since my dress did not come with a veil, they also sent me samples of swatches to get the perfect match for my dress color. Below is a link for you to see their website.

Good Luck!!!



Written on Jun. 23, 2010

Like Shereen_y I bought mine at Michaels- with 40% off coupon (sign up for emails and get some great coupons) my two-tier veil was $8. I added some crystals and pearls to the edge. I was going to make mine and know some friends who have, it's very simple (an oval of tulle with the center gathered and sewn to a comb) the hardest part is getting the measurements right! I would not recommend any bridal stores they mark up the prices outrageously.

Written on Jun. 23, 2010


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