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looking for great DJ's...any suggestions?

Wedding Date: Apr, 2011
Ocho Rios, Jamaica
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Posted in Fargo, ND, USA
Written on Mar. 31, 2010


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Wedding Date: Sep, 2008
Fargo, ND, USA
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We went with Jim at Powerplay DJ and I would recomend him/them to anyone looking for an experienced and fun dj service! When you meet with them, you can request any song, and if they don't already have it (which is rare), they will get it before your wedding day. If there are songs that you DON'T want to have played, they will honor that too! They know how to interact with the crowd and tailor the songs and the mood to what your particualr tastes are. Ever been to a wedding where there is almost no one dancing except to a certain style of music? Some dj's don't pick up on that and will continue to play all the typical 'wedding' songs even if it isn't getting people on their feet. With Powerplay DJ, they notice what people are dancing to and they keep that kind of music coming! I have had literally dozens of people tell me that our wedding was the most fun wedding they had ever been to, and I know that the dance was a big factor in that!

They are not the most inexpensive dj service in the Fargo area, but if you are looking for a setup with the best sound, lights that actually enhance your dance instead of make you wonder when John Travolta in his leisure suit is coming out and the most professional djs, they are who you want.

Congratualtions on your upcoming wedding! I hope all your planning goes smoothly. Keep using wedding mapper, it helps keep the craziness to a minimum :)

Written on Mar. 31, 2010
CMO Wedding August 2008

We used Night Moves DJ Service in Moorhead, MN. Jeff is an excellent MC, he had nearly 100% in our dance and events. He made sure that all the key people for special dances were ready when it was time. Jeff works with you to customize your grand entrance and rest of the evening. My grandparents stayed until the end of the night! We all had a blast. Night Moves also has some great add ons available such as a slideshow or candid portraits throughout the night. Another great benefit of using Night Moves is that Jeff is the only DJ, so you will not get an employee of a multiple system company that may not care as much except about making a few extra bucks on the weekend.

Check out his website here nightmovesdjservice.com

P.S. Jeff did such a great job with the dollar dance and garter auction. More was raised than what we paid him for his fee!

Written on Mar. 11, 2011


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