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Canonchet Beach Club in Narragansett

Wedding Date: Aug, 2011
Narragansett, RI, USA
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Hi there!
My fiance and I are considering having our reception at the Canonchet beach club in narragansett. Does anyone have any info to share?!? Good/bad?? Thanks so much!!!

Posted in South Kingstown, RI, USA
Written on Feb. 02, 2010


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Wedding Date: Aug, 2010
Narragansett, RI, USA
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Hi there, just saw your post... check out the post labeled "How does this work! CLUELESS from Dallas (o;" There is a lot of info about the canochet club. I'm getting married there, and it's good and bad. The good is that it's simple, inexpensive and right on the water. I love the deck. The bad is that it's limited to 100 people, and they are inflexible about letting you in to decorate. The reception cannot start before 6 pm and vendors can't get in before 4... since my ceremony is at 4:30, I can't exactly be running around stringing up white lights and putting out candles! So, I've hired a friend's sister who wants to be a wedding planner to do that for me. Mostly, I'm very happy with it and Hadley is very nice.

Written on Feb. 28, 2010


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