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Roof Garden, Galveston


Hi, Does anyone got married in Roof Garden or been to a wedding there?

I am an out of town bride. The RG looks nice in the picture.


Posted in Houston, TX, USA
Written on Jan. 23, 2010


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I also looked at the Roof Garden when looking for a venue to get married at but I thought it was fairly expensive. My brother and sister-in-law just opened up a venue called the Bienville Social. It is located a block away from the strand and it is designed for smaller more intimate weddings, wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners. It is very well priced and gorgeous! The website is www.bienvillesocial.com and if you are interested in getting more information about the location (price, date, time, etc) please email me at kelly@bienvillesocial.com

Good luck with the rest of your wedding plans!

Written on Oct. 11, 2010
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@ benandsaher: I just stumbled across this and thought I'd respond, albeit long after your initial question.

The Roof Garden, located in the heart of the Strand, is indeed intimate and very private, and the balcony overlooks Galveston's historic Strand district. Fourth generation Galvestonians, our family owns it, and two of my sisters and one of their husbands operate it.

Must say, it makes sense that the young lady who also responded (above) referenced another place that she felt was priced lower: (a) it's off the Strand, (b) her brother owns it, and (c) her email address is from there!

Still, one should always shop around to find the place that best fits the needs and budget of the event.

Likely your date has passed. However, if you're still looking, don't hesitate to give Juliet Staudt a call at 409-762-5921. If the Roof Garden fits your needs, great. And, if not, we hope you have (had) a wonderful and memorable event wherever you celebrate it.

Written on Feb. 24, 2011


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