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reception hall and ceremony spots?

Wedding Date: Jan, 2011
Pensacola, FL, USA
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Ok, my fiancee' is in the Army and is due back in Oct-Nov 2010. so far the date for our wedding is Jan 15th and i'm having a hard time trying to find anything. everything is so exspensive and since our family can't help with anything, we are having to pay for everything! our price range is like 1500 and i know thats not alot and we may be able to do more, but for now it's some where around that range. I want some where nice and will atleast hold up too 100 people. i also need it to be indoors. please help me. it can be from pensacola,milton, pace.

Posted in Pensacola, FL, USA
Written on Jan. 23, 2010


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Is the $1500 for venue or for the venue and food?

Written on Jan. 24, 2010
Wedding Date: Apr, 2010
Pensacola, FL, USA
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Hello my wedding is gonna be at the Pensacola Garden center located on 9th ave in pensacola fl. the price for the day is $860. it's a really cute place, and if u wanted you could have the ceremony in the gardens and the reception inside. that's what i plan to do.

im having 150 ppl, so they should be able to accomidate you. also they have a full kitchen, so you can have anyone do your catering. hope this helps!!

finally, there is a place called pensacola improv that is even cheaper, bbut you have to book their caterer or pay a fee. And to me, the facility is not nearly as nice. hope this helps.

you can check all of the above through a google search. Good luck!!

Written on Jan. 25, 2010
Wedding Date: Nov, 2009
Pensacola, FL, USA
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Hello, My wedding was at Sevile Quarters I got married in a courtyard they set up chairs for you. It has a fountain. My wedding was very small I had close to 50 people. Our wedding didnt last long. We werent even going to have a wedding we where going to go to GA and get married at Kenasaw mt I wanted a fall wedding with leaves.So Until alot of my family wanted to come from TX So we had the reception afterwards. At the heritage hall where Seville Quarters is. It was a nice Big room enough room to dance. The Lady went through with at Seville her name is pam and She will work with you on your budget.She will do everything she can to make your dream come true. Her number is (850)434-6211. My Family Stayed at the Crown Plaza what a lovely veiw of the water.They have place in seville where you and your bridesmaids can get ready at. My Fiancee had a Limo come and pick my family and then all of my Girlfriends up in the limo and dropped us off. It was such a lovely touch. It was a special thing he wanted to do.I hope this helps if you need more help. I will try to help. I use Publix for my cake everybody loved it. we only had the top of our cake left.

Written on Jan. 26, 2010


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