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Embassy Suites East Peoria, IL

Wedding Date: Jul, 2010
Peoria, IL, USA
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Any advice/information about holding a reception at the Embassy Suites in East Peoria, IL?

Posted in Peoria, IL, USA
Written on Jan. 18, 2010


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Wedding Date: Jul, 2011
Peoria, IL, USA
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Nice, over priced.

Written on Jan. 30, 2011
Wedding Date: Jun, 2015
Peoria, IL, USA
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It's a nice place with nice people. The carpets are horrendous though and if you plan to have the room well-lit at any point make sure you're okay with orange and purple carpet haha!

I think it's very over priced for what you get. I was about to sign a contract with them but decided not to because they wanted an extra $3000 to let me in the night before to start decorating. That's insane.

Also they change event planners a lot so be wary of that too. And think about the amount of people you will have at your wedding. If it's around 200 people they will put you in 1/4 of their ballroom-- that means there could be THREE other weddings there that night! I don't want to share my venue with anyone! It's all about you and you shouldn't have to share with anyone!

Written on Jul. 28, 2014


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