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Old Sheldon Church 55 Miles West of Charleston, SC

Wedding Date: Dec, 2010
Charleston, SC, USA
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We just attended a lovely wedding near Yemasse, SC. The "Old Sheldon Church" is the grounds & brick remains of a pre-civil war sanctuary built first by the pre-revolutionary war plantation owner nearby.
British troops destroyed the original by fire, leaving only brick columns & walls.
Many years later, a second church was rebuilt on top of the same columns & walls. Some time in 1864-1866, it was burned again & more likely the structure was gutted by local whites & blacks for home rebuilding materials needed due to war damages also.
Ever since, the cemetary, interiour burials, trees & grounds have been preserved for weddings, reunions & a annual outdoor religious service.
Perhaps 200 people could fit inside the structure, 130 were there yesterday. However, gentle rains could have kept the party drier with a temporary tent or many more umbrellas.
The trees have so much over hanging moss, the moisture dripping can stain. The highway 100 yards away is noisy.
Winds blew out ceremonial candles.
There was plenty of parking across the highway. Nonetheless, the weather was a glorious 64, not sweltering as SC can be 10 months of the year.
Just an easy 100 minute drive from Charleston, we all then went to James Island Park for an indoor reception, with room enough there for 100. Not enough RSVP's.
Romantic, festival lighting covering acres each year, a day of family & friends joyously complete.

Posted in Charleston, SC, USA
Written on Nov. 16, 2008


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