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NJ reception help


My fiance and I got engaged last September and are having a very difficult time saving for a wedding and finding an affordable reception venue. It seems every place I have looked into has a starting price at $100 or more and that is just not realistic for us right now. I would like to know if anyone could recommend a venue thats starting price is in the $60-$80 range? I would also like to know tips on how to save money and make deals with these places. I appreciate all the help and advice. Thank you
p.s. If you want feel free to email me at sararuggiero42085@yahoo.com

Posted in Edison, NJ, USA
Written on Dec. 30, 2009


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Wedding Date: Jul, 2010
Edison, NJ, USA
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Hello! Congratulations on your engagement! Yes it is very expensive in NJ for weddings! I wanted to try and save money and keep it simple but then when I got into the planning that went out the window hahaha. Anyway there are a few venues that we came across that had decent prices under $100 The Gran Centurions in Clark www.thegrancenturions.com . The Galloping Hill Caterers they are kind of exclusive so you would just have to call and set up an appointment . My friend got a great price at The Primavera Regency in Stirling www.theprimavera.com . The Berkeley always has great deals you just have to be signed up to receive the emails from the knot and brides.com. They always give away nice packages at the bridal shows. If you really like a place you can always take away from their package to see what kind of price change it would be and don't forget to pull the whole the economy is so bad right now and we really love your venue I just know we won't be able to afford it at this price and they will work with you!

Written on Dec. 30, 2009
Wedding Date: Mar, 2010
Somerset, NJ, USA

OMG there are soooo many places to consider. DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED AND MOST DEFINITELY STICK TO YOUR BUDGET. Ok, for starters you may have to change your wedding date to a Friday or a Sunday because those are the more affordable days. You may have to change your month to a non-wedding month(October, November,January and March)...sorry not a lot of months to choose from. Here are two places that I know of that plates begin around $75. Bridgewater Manor in Bridgewater NJ and Galloping Hill in Union.

Good luck!

Written on Feb. 12, 2010


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