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Color Scheme/Flowers HELP!

Wedding Date: Sep, 2009
Jekyll Island, Brunswick, GA 31527, USA
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Ok - I am having a beach wedding. On the beach location I have chosen, the scenery is absolutely gorgeous. Here's the issue: I can't decide what color scheme for bridesmaids will look best. I don't want them to completely blend intp the scenery, however I don't want them to be outrageously bright and drown out the natural beauty of the beach. My dress is Ivory (so I'll kinda blend into the sand)- so I'm also afraid a bright color will drown me out as well. Also, flowers?? Any ideas on flowers and bridesmaid dress color would be so helpful! Thanks!

Posted in Jekyll Island, GA, USA
Written on Oct. 19, 2009


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Teal, ivory, and black is a popular mix for a beach wedding. I would use seasonal flowers with accents of the colors you decide to go with.

Written on Oct. 19, 2009
Karen and Stephen
Wedding Date: Sep, 2009
jekyll island
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And congratulations, Stephen and I got married a few weeks ago at South Dunes on Jekyll, my maids colours were champagne and gold as you can see from the pictures. I would also suggest that once you have the colour sceme the dresses don't have to be identical especially if your girls are different shapes and sizes, as long as the colours flow I personally think they look better in a style that suits each individual. I made the flowers myself, ivory roses with a champagne ribbon through them which I'm not sure you can see.
The beach was great but very windy so make sure you have someone to tidy you up for the pics, something i didn't have lol, and also a photographer told me that a late afternoon wedding is best for the beach as earlier on the sun is too harsh, reflecting off the white sand and is not good for photo's, (not a problem we had as it was overcast but very hot)Our wedding was @ 5pm.
Good luck

Written on Oct. 20, 2009
Christopher Nolan Photography

Hi there my name is Chris.... Something we have seen a lot with beach colors that look great are purples and greens. The purple would help break them out from blending in but wouldn't be very in your face. Same goes for green. Hope that helps!

Written on Oct. 21, 2009


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