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Black Dress

Wedding Date: Oct, 2010
Scarborough, ON, Canada
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Does anyone know where to find a black wedding dress?

Posted in Scarborough, ON, Canada
Written on Aug. 23, 2009


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Wynne & David
Wedding Date: Sep, 2007
Toronto, ON, Canada
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You may have to have something like that custom made. Sometimes, custom made wedding gowns are almost half the price of designer gowns. Are you sure you want to go for a black wedding dress? It may be mistaken for just an ordinary party dress/gown. As the bride, you should stand out amongst your guests. If other guests wear black dresses or gowns, you'll just blend right in. Think twice or three times before committing to a dark coloured wedding gown, you don't want to have any "what was I thinking?" moments in the future. Many brides from the '80s had that regret when those bold, frilly, poofy dresses were in at the time. It's wise to keep things classic with a twist of modern, but nothing too trendy. If you like to incorporate some black, how about a white gown with some interesting delicate, black details instead, and perhaps reflected in a similar way on your wedding cake as well. In other words, subtle touches of black instead of heavy, block shades of black. Just a suggestion. Check out this inspirational photo of Audrey Hepburn. When it comes to style, Audrey takes the cake...no pun intended!

Written on Jan. 10, 2010
Wedding Date: Aug, 2009
Toronto, ON, Canada

Maybe contact the Little Black Dress Shop for advice? http://littleblackdressshop.com/

Written on Feb. 16, 2010
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We have a few black and white wedding gowns at our store...www.shessobeautiful.com please feel free to have a look online at the one we currently have posted. All the Best Ashley

Written on Jun. 29, 2010


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