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March, 2009 in Dallas
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Ceremony: Dallas Art Center Ballroom





Special Day Events

Dallas, TX, USA

"What a horror to work with! The owner/president/coordinator of the Dallas Art Center Ballroom is a nightmare to work with. Prior to the ceremony there weren't any issues, but when we were setting up, she began telling us where things "had to be" and how thing "had to be" and not even allowing us any personalization at all. She actually got mad at my mom in front of our guests for asking to raise the lighting a bit... and when we insisted that there be some lighting on the stage, she stormed off and turned on every light in the building and locked herself in her office for several minutes after that... She was mean, snooty, and talked down to several guest too. (The place is nice, but she could easily ruin it if you don't like confrontations on your wedding... and who does?!"


About The Day - Photographer - USA

About The Day


"Our saving grace! We were thrilled with our photographers and their way of working! They were professional and got so many awesome photos without it seeming like they were even there, and yet they were laid back and really fun too! It was actually my mom who hired them because she was so impressed, but I was uncertain about hiring from out of town... until I saw their work and talked with Stephen & Sonia a bit... Then I was sold too! Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!"


Dallas Art Center Ballroom

2030 Main St
Dallas, TX 75201

"The Dallas Art Center Ballroom is beautiful, well located, and has everything you'll need for a wedding and reception. I was thrilled about everything... except the owner/coordinator. (But other then than the fact that she's stubborn and only wants things done her way - and the way it's always been done - I really was happy with the location!)"


Mia's Tex-Mex Restaurant

4322 Lemmon Ave
Dallas, TX, United States

"Best Tex Mex we've ever had! It's a small mom & pop business and the dining area is probably no bigger then a large household dining room. We had to wait over in hour in the entrance because of the line of people who want to eat there... but it was TOTALLY worth it!"