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October, 2010 in Rincon
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Ceremony: Sunset Cermony
Reception: Reception





El Bohio

Rincon,, Puerto Rico

"For having very little catering experience El Bohio did an adequate job. We had planned on having Filet, Red Snapper and Chicken in a Mushroom sauce. The Red Snapper was actually a different fish (can't remember) but it was good. They had HUGE baked potatoes, but only enough for 1/2 of our guests (they should have been split). Also, there was no butter, sour cream or salt and pepper. Weird. Also, there were french fries, a salad and some sort of steamed vegetable. It's wedding food and in my mind that means sub-par. This was just that- sub-par. However, the staff was very nice!"


Mary Baker

Rincon,, Puerto Rico

"I did not have a good experience with Mary. I live in Chicago, so I figured I should hire a wedding planner who lives in Puerto Rico and near Rincon to make logistics easier and act as my advocate for different the various vendors we planned to use. There were a wide array of issues in the planning stages involving vendors mis-quoting prices to her and her coming to me to ask what we should do. THIS, in my opinion, is the main thing a wedding planner should do- PROBLEM SOLVE. I was very honest with Mary from the beginning- letting her know that in no way did I want our friends or family to have to lift a finger the weekend of our wedding. I let her know that whatever extra staff she would need we would be willing to pay for. That didn't happen and if not for my wedding party the lanterns in the tent would not have been hung and other decorations around the property would not have been put up in time. She actually rolled her eyes at me the day of my wedding when I outlined everything that still needed to be done. These were things we had gone over several times prior to my arrival in Puerto Rico and should have come to no surprise to her. The morning of the wedding she asked if I had the cups for the bar. I did not- why would I. I told her she was going to have to take care of that- she was NOT happy. Seriously! Among other things she didn't provide any sort of garbage receptacles, didn't go over the playlist with the DJ (who she recommended), nor did she put my mind at ease about ANYTHING! She was an added stress to my wedding day. Also, I am not the only bride who has had this experience. Another woman and I exchanged emails and Mary failed to purchase any sort of beverage for this other brides reception- leaving the wedding party and family to make a last minute run to the store."


Leslie La Ronga

Rincon,, Puerto Rico

"Simply amazing! Reasonably priced, easy to work with and a natural talent. Everything she was in charge of was just amazing! I would HIGHLY recommend Leslie!"


Sunset Cermony - Ceremony -

Sunset Cermony

"We were married on Dogman's beach behind Casa Por Fin at Dogman's beach October 30, 2010. It was just perfect!"


Reception - Reception -


"Casa Por Fin at Dogman's Beach is"

Reception Venue:

Casa Por Fin at Dogman's Beach

Rincon,, Puerto Rico

"Casa Por Fin at Dogman's beach is just wonderful! The owners, Anna and Steve, live on-site and have taken great pride in the property. The pool area is beautifully landscaped and very comfortable. The beach and ocean are literally steps away from the house. The yard is a perfect space to set-up large tents for your event. The beach was the perfect location for our ceremony! Also, the house sleeps 14, so we were able to stay right there with our whole wedding party. Anna and Steve went out of their way to make sure the grounds were in great shape for the big day. They clearly take pride in their home and enjoy sharing it with you. I would highly recommend Casa Por Fin to any couple looking to get married in the Rincon area!"