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August, 2011 in Mackinaw City

"Our wedding was perfect - the skies were blue with just a few clouds that looked totally fake - our friends in Chicago accused us of using a backdrop! We had almost 200 people at the beautiful sunny 73 degree ceremony, and the best reception ever - no one left the dance floor except to hit the photo booth! We couldn't be happier!"


Ceremony: Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse
Reception: Knight of Columbus Hall




Bartenders & Beverages:

Alcock's Market

523 Mackinaw Avenue
Cheboygan, MI, United States

"Great deals on booze!"

Cakes/Candies Vendor:

Bentley's BNL Cafe - Brenda Spencely

Michigan, MI, USA

"Our cake was beautiful and tasted wonderful but the vendor doesn't use email or fax and is not very good at communicating - even though they cashed our deposit check months before, I wasn't certain that we would have a cake on our wedding day until my friend went to the cafe and made certain they called me back. So the product was great, and the price, but the stress on me not knowing why they weren't calling me back was too much to deal with."


Dynamic James Entertainment

Michigan, MI, USA

"Renee DJ'd our reception - I have a very picky music list and a lot of "must-play" songs to choose from - probably 3 straight days of music - she did an awesome job and I never left the dance floor - and it was never empty! They don't do gimmicks - they understand that a DJ is there to provide music, not jokes or cheesy things. And every time someone made a request, she found me and cleared the songs with me! I love them and they are also booked for my sister's wedding in 2012! ***After my sister's wedding, she was disappointed in James of Dynamic James, because he took off-list requests that had the immediate effect of clearing the dance floor. So please ask for Renee to DJ!"

Dance Instructor:

Big City Swing - Chicago

1012 West Randolph Street
Chicago, IL, United States

"We live in Chicago but are from Cheboygan, and haven't really had much recent experience slow-dancing, so we took a "wedding dance" class to help prepare. We learned a lot, but didn't have much time to practice, but no one laughed at us and we felt more confident!"


Flowers unlimited - Florist - 1164 S. Straits Hwy., PO Box 944, Indian River, MI, 49749, USA

Flowers Unlimited

1164 S. Straits Hwy.
PO Box 944
Indian River, MI 49749, USA

"Kelly grows most of the flowers we wanted right in her own gardens (except the orchids). I just had to give her an idea of the colors scheme as I don't really know much about flowers and she came up with beautiful arrangements - they were just gorgeous. I didn't have to stress about the flowers at all - they were just beautiful. My sister will be using her in August!"

Invitations Vendor:

The Stylish Scribe - Invitations Vendor - 216 Stewart Street, Reno, NV, 89501

The Stylish Scribe

216 Stewart Street
Reno, NV 89501

"Our invitations were perfectly beautiful - people even used them to hand-make wedding cards that they gave to us! Our only down side was that they were just a centimeter too large for normal postage and we didn't know until it was time to mail them, so they cost $1.08 to mail each one!"

Limo Company:

Midnight Madness

Michigan, MI, USA

"Fun school buses with perimeter seating and stripper poles and loud music. Would have been better if they weren't old school buses - there was no air conditioning and we had to keep the windows open - not so good for pretty hair! And it didn't have very good shocks! But we had fun - our bus was purple!"


Honorable Robert Butts

Mackinaw City, MI, USA

"A wonderful judge - a wonderful person to perform our ceremony - we were very happy with him. He mixed in his regular elements and everything that we asked him to do differently. And a fantastic dancer! He'll be marrying my sister and her fiance in August!"

Photo Booth Vendor:

ShutterBooth - Photo Booth Vendor - PO Box 1082, Royal Oak, MI, 48068, USA

Shutterbooth - Northern Michigan

PO Box 1082
Royal Oak, MI 48068, USA

"The scrapbook we had is priceless - we paid for the prop box and kept the booth open all night. The booth attendant made the scrapbook pages as people went in - and it is so much better than a generic guestbook! Here you get unlimited pictures with your custom logo, and a DVD of all the photos taken all night long! And they get hysterical as the night goes on. We love them - again, another vendor my sister is using in August 2012!"


Stephanie N. Baker Photography and Graphic Deisgn

Mackinaw City, MI, USA

"I loved Stephanie's style and personality. Remember your photographer is going to spend more time with the bride than anyone else on your wedding day - so you have to be really on par with them. Stephanie and I were - she was fantastic and cheerful even with uncooperative subjects (like a hot and sweaty 2-year old!). I highly recommend her!"

Registry Vendor:

Zany Kitchen

232 North Main Street
Cheboygan, MI, United States

"Zany is another local store - very cute stuff but to register we had to hand-write item numbers, titles, and prices. It was far too archaic and we burned out. They asked us to register for more because people bought so much off our registry there, but it was such a pain. Hopefully they have modernized in the last 6 months. They didn't have a website when we registered and now they do."

Registry Vendor:


"Some of the best rated appliances come from Sears - namely, Kenmore - but they have really old guns for registering and it was so frustrating."

Registry Vendor:


120 W Parker Rd
Plano, TX, United States

"Who doesn't love Target? I spend all my money there so I loved getting lots of gifts from there!"

Registry Vendor:


1800 W Mercury Blvd
Hampton, VA, United States

"Who doesn't love Macy's? They make you feel very special when you register! Unfortunately not a lot of northern Michigan folks go to Macy's so any gifts had to be ordered online, so we didn't get as many items as we had registered for from there."

Registry Vendor:


1615 East Empire Street
Bloomington, IL, United States

"Kohls was a lot of fun to register as well - and the good thing about Kohl's is that there's one in Gaylord. We love our dishes that came from here!"

Registry Vendor:

Rogers Jewelry

227 North Main Street
Cheboygan, MI, United States

"We wanted to register for some local shops in Cheboygan, but the selection of items offered at Rogers Jewelry was limited. However, I got all the Peggy Karr glass items that I wanted - that was our main reason for going there!"

Tuxedo Vendor:

Vieau's Apparel

Mackinaw City, MI, USA

"No website or email that we could find. Vieau's was good at identifying what kind of tuxes would look good on the groom, and also recommended a longer size for his long arms. They got the wrong jacket for the Father of the Bride, but were able to fix it the morning of the wedding so crisis averted!"

Waitstaff Services Vendor:

Manzana's Deli

4068 Michigan Ave
Onaway, MI, United States

"Our only complaint was the waitstaff was EXTREMELY efficient at picking up drink glasses and throwing them out - so we ran out of glasses for drinks halfway through the night and had to send relatives out for more!"

Wedding Day Beauty Vendor:

Colleen's Klippery

805 Court Street
Cheboygan, MI, United States

"Laid-back wonderful people who rarely work on Saturdays took care of all of us - and my hair trial early in the week. Love them!"


Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse - Ceremony - 526 N Huron Ave, Mackinaw City, MI, 49701

Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse

526 N Huron Ave
Mackinaw City, MI 49701

"The park is beautiful - we had the most perfect day on earth. Unfortunately, you can't go into the lighthouse itself until after 5 p.m. which is too late to get back to Cheboygan and have photos and things, but we just got married outside the lighthouse and it was cheap and beautiful!"


Knight of Columbus Hall - Reception - 8940 N Straits Hwy, Cheboygan, MI, 49721

Knight of Columbus Hall

8940 N Straits Hwy
Cheboygan, MI 49721

"The hall is very big and needs lots of love to make it beautiful but we accomplished that!"


Best Western River Terrace Motel

847 S Main St
Cheboygan, MI 49721

"Fantastic staff, wonderful accomodations, couldn't be happier!"


Continental Inn

613 N Main St
Cheboygan, MI 49721

"Again, wonderful staff and accomodations!"


Mulligan's Restaurant

320 N Main St
Cheboygan, MI 49721


Cheboygan Brewing Company

101 N Main St
Cheboygan, MI 49721