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June, 2009 in Belleville

Ceremony: St. Peter's Roman Catholic Cathedral
Reception: Marriott Union Station, Grand Hall




Cakes/Candies Vendor:

The Cakery Bakery

1420 Tamm Avenue
St. Louis, MO, United States

"Absolutely, without a doubt, the BEST cake I have ever tasted in my life. It's like they put crack in it or something. I had my heart set on another bakery for my cake because of how neat their designs were. My mom told me to check them out last because I wouldn't give anyone else a chance that we had appointments with. My mom is the smartest woman alive. The Cakery was my second stop of the day and I didn't even want to go to the place I'd been waiting for!? Their cake is so delicious. I always thought I'd go with fancy flavors and ended up going with plain french vanilla because it was just too good to pass up. After we left The Cakery we drove to The Cupcakery and picked up a bunch of cupcakes to share with my family at home. The Cakery will forever be where we get cakes for every special occasion from now (and it's over an hour drive). PS We got soooo many compliments on our cake. Everyone wanted to know where we got it from because it was so beautiful and tasty!"


Night Magic Entertainment - DJ - 1324 Lebanon Avenue, Belleville, IL, 62221, USA

Night Magic Entertainment

1324 Lebanon Avenue
Belleville, IL 62221, USA

"Jack (the owner) was our DJ. He was absolutely amazing. Everyone commented on how great he was. He even took pictures of the dance floor and sent them to us - which was great because it was from his angle, so he got some different shots than we'd seen from the photographer. He was so high-spirited and fun that he really made the night 'magical'."


Becky Huffman Flowers, LLC - Florist - 1017 West Main Street, Bellevile, IL, 62220, USA

Becky Huffman Flowers

1017 West Main Street
Bellevile, IL 62220, USA

"Absolutely beautiful arrangements! She is so professional and helpful! We didn't have to worry about a thing. The church was decorated before we got there. She pinned the boutonnieres on all of the guys. Then she went to the reception and decorated. At the end of the reception she came and picked everything back up. I didn't have to worry at all! She was so on top of everything and had amazing floral arrangements! Too many compliments to count about my flowers!!"

Limo Company:

Tour St. Louis

Belleville, IL, USA

"Taking a chance, we decided to go with a trolley for transportation since our wedding party was so big. It was so much fun! It was air conditioned and the driver even let us stop for the guys to pick up some drinks. He was very professional and it was really a fun experience. It was also great because we were all able to ride together and even had room to let people bring their dates."

Rentals Vendor:

St. Louis Photobooth LLC

9728 Grantview Forest Drive
St. Louis, MO, United States

"The photo booth was so much fun! I was afraid it might be tacky but it ended up being one of the best decisions I made. Our best man is getting married this spring and his fiance is getting a photo booth (different company, as their wedding is in FL) for their wedding now. After our guests took a picture, the attendants made 2 copies, one for the guest, the other for a book for us. The guests were then asked to write something to us next to their picture. It is so much fun looking back at our guests in their pictures, especially as it got later in the evening. It's really a great keepsake and I'm so glad we did it!"

Wedding Day Beauty Vendor:

Lauren Anderson

Belleville, IL, USA

"Lauren did a really great job. She arrived at the church extra early to get started. She did all 8 bridesmaids, me, my mom, and 2 flower girls and everyone looked beautiful and was finished in plenty of time. It was so nice not to have to worry about makeup that day! She even gave me the lipstick/gloss she used on me in case I needed a touch up. She was absolutely wonderful!"


St. Peter's Roman Catholic Cathedral

200 W Harrison St
Belleville, IL 62220

"Absolutely beautiful! I really don't know what else to say. Everyone was helpful and the church is amazing. Our guests were so impressed with how beautiful the church was."


Marriott Union Station, Grand Hall

1820 Market St
St Louis, MO 63103

"Oh my gosh, the Grand Hall is amazing! All of our guests loved the reception. Amey Hogg, our consultant, was so great. She helped us with every detail. It's hard to visualize the reception because it's actually in the hotel lobby. The staff was so professional, we didn't even notice anyone but our guests. It was really a great experience and an awesome reception location."