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March, 2005 in Des Moines

Reception: AH Blank Golf Course





Mobile Magic Entertainment - DJ - 5905 W 56th St, Sioux Falls, SD, 57106, usa

Mobile Magic Entertainment

5905 W 56th St
Sioux Falls, SD 57106, usa

"Awesome!!!!! Best ever to work with No problems whatsoever, highly recommend"

Reception Venue:

AH Blank Golf Course

"This was a terible venue to work with. Staff was Highly unprofessional the place was a mess and the manager on duty (Jeff Chiodo) was a complete jackass. A portion of the wait staff was extremely rude. While the rest was courteous and very pleasent to work with. They do not know how to set up there reception hall properly to work with a big crowd. I had to request that the grounds were cleaned up prior to the wedding. While setting up for the wedding Jeff was in the office playing on his cell phone while nothing was getting done for the reception that started at 6 pm. This is the most unprofesional group of people I have ever seen while in the wedding industry. The wait staff was going to release the guests through the buffet line before the head table. I had to remind them to release the headtable and the reserved tables. There was no space to cross the room when the dancefloor was packed. They placed the dancefloor in the middle of the room with the buffet and bar on the northend of the room. The people on the south half of the room did not have access to the Bathrooms, BAR or cake after the dance had begun with out crossing behind the DJ booth which had a narrow foot and a half walkway behind it. The power for the DJ had to be run from behind the head table, because there was only 1 outlet in the DJs area. This hall should be setting the Dance floor up at the south end of the hall. There indoor Microphones would not work and they were not placed at the head table for speeches or toasts. Thankfully the DJ's equipment worked. The staff insisted on carrying Glasses half filled with drinks in the area behind the DJ booth. While the dance was taking place, not only interfearing with the outcome of the DJ but putting the companies gear at risk of being destroyed if they dropped the tray onto the equipment. This companies agenda is not your needs and wants, but how they can make sure there bottom dollar is not affected. I would NEVER Recomend this venue to anyone getting married. The manager even thru a drink he did not want to finish into the back of the djs van covering a $1000.00 worth of lights and making it so the DJ and his family had to smell alcohol all they way back to there home 5 hours away from the venue. The unprofessionalism of this staff is REDICULOUS."