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November, 2008 in Dothan

"Our wedding was wonderful! We had so many people come together and offer their time and services to try and lower the stress of wedding planning. The wedding mapper, honestly, was a life saver. Between my husband and I, we had a ton of out of town guests and I was able to use the wedding mapper AND add it to my wedding website. It was a huge help! Thank you so much. Just remember to have fun with the whole wedding process... it's over before you know it!"





Cakes/Candies Vendor:

Cheryl Cannon

Dothan, AL, USA

"She did our cake for us. She works out of her home, which is where we went to design the cake. She was very open to my ideas, and often quick to point out anything unreasonable or areas of concern, which is also a good thing. She is very reasonable with her pricing, cake tasted great (she doesnt like the fondant so does hand made creams). The only complaint I have it that there were a few cracks between the layers by the time we got to the reception. Not a huge deal, but worth mentioning. You can find her by word of mouth at many bridal shops. I have her number, but dont know that she would want her home number floating in cyber space!"


Dothan Country Club

Dothan, AL, United States

"We had our reception at the Dothan Country Club, as my parents are members. They took care of the food and beverages. They were great. Candace O'Steen is the social director and she was great!"


Harts & Flowers

583 W Main St
Dothan, AL, United States

"Rachel Barrentine from Harts & Flowers in Dothan is amazing. She is highly recommended!"

Invitations Vendor:

The American Wedding

Marshall, TX, USA

"Got my invitations here. They let you see a preview before you commit, they have live online help and have reasonable prices. Everyone loved them, and they were just as easy to order (in comparison to the stores around here that sell them)"


Dr. Hays McKay

Dothan, AL, USA

"My now husband and I were not dedicated to a church. My mother is a member of Covenant United Methodist and recommended Dr. McKay. My husband and I have not missed a sunday sermon since. He is a true blessing and a great man to contact."


Mark Broadway

Dothan, AL, USA

"He's great! A bit on the expensive side but great! I'm probably not supposed to do this, but Scott Kennedy is great too! www.kennedyinternational.com"

Registry Vendor:


4601 Montgomery Hwy # 300
Dothan, AL, United States

"Target is always a great alternative to Wal-Mart (which is also widely used). Everyone has access to a Target store, or can shop online at Target. It was a great place to register for everyday cleaning supplies and more expensive things such as patio furniture."

Registry Vendor:

Northcutts on Main

Dothan, AL, United States

"This is a great place in Dothan to register for the finer items, such as china, that you may appreciate when you are older. Nice crystal bowls and serving dishes are a wonderful gift, especially if you are like us and can't afford to stock up our home with china and crystal. Look them up in the phone book... they are on Main Street."

Registry Vendor:


4901 N Kickapoo Ave
Shawnee, OK, United States

"People were really responsive to the registry at Dillards. We had several pages of items picked out, and we had 6 items left on our registry by the wedding. Great stuff too! 334-794-3300, ext. 5740 will get you to the bridal consultant."

Rentals Vendor:

Loftin's Party & Wedding Center

1321 Montgomery Hwy
Dothan, AL, United States

"We ordered/rented 4 bistro tables, which was the best decision we made. They were very popular and we could have used more! Everyone loved them. You can also save money if you return them yourself as opposed to having them pick them back up! I also rented our cake stand from them as well. Everything else rentable was on the expensive side! They are located in Dothan on Montgomery Hwy. Not a wide variety of items such as unity candles."

Rentals Vendor:

BBJ Linen - Rentals Vendor - 7855 Gross Point Road, Skokie, IL, 60077, United States

BBJ Linen

7855 Gross Point Road
Skokie, IL 60077, United States

"They were actually cheaper after shipping and everything than the local rental places! Linens were beautiful and transaction was easy. They ship out of Atlanta for our area, and we got everything from chair covers with ties to bistro table covers and everything in between."

Wedding Fashion Vendor:

The Blushing Bride

105 S Cherokee Ave
Dothan, AL, United States

"They dressed all 20 people involved with the wedding that needed a tux or gown and they compared prices to get the best deals. Nice spacious dressing rooms, which is hard to find. They have great seamstress people too! Ask for Leisha. They were so helpful. Even came to the church and laced up my corseting!"