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Windsor, ON, Canada < change city >



October, 2010 in Windsor

"Our wedding was the best day of my life, minus a few hiccups!"





Cakes/Candies Vendor:

The Cake Lady

19210 W Mcnichols Rd
Detroit, MI, United States

"Five stars across the board. Stephanie did a wonderful job on our cake. It was draped with beautiful cascading flowers that she personally made from gumpaste. It was exactly what I wanted! She is very afforable and very easy to work with!"


Ciociaro Club Windsor

3745 N Talbot Rd
Windsor, ON N0R 1L0

"The food was ok. The chicken was rubbery, and the salad was unedible. The roast beef was everyones favorite. We were not served first, so we ate with everyone else and were rushed when it came time for speeches. They set up the tables wrong even thought I gave them strict instructions. I had guests without a seat, coming up to me in my recieving line saying that they didn't have a chair! I have never had a wedding before, so I wish they would have guided us more, instead we had to flag down staff to ask when they would be serving dinner. They didn't give an accurate time, therefore, Grace was said maybe 20 minutes too early. My favorite one of all, the bartended (hired by the hall)got drunk off our liqour!"

Decorations Vendor:

Milstones weddings and events

Windsor, ON, Canada


Janette Florists

686 Janette Avenue
Windsor, ON, Canada

"I made my bouquets myself, but I had Janette Florist make me 30 bouts/Corsages. They turned out amazing, the delivery was smooth and they were very afforable!"

Honeymoon Vendor:

Sears Travel

Devonshire Mall
Windsor, ON, Canada

"Diane at Sears Travel is the best! She is so informative, patient and goes out of her way to make sure that you get the very best. She HAS actually travelled herself, so she let us know all the little things about travelling instead of just handing over our tickets and being done with it. She is highly recommended!"

Rentals Vendor:

Merlo's Formal Rental and Sales

3203 Walker Road
Windsor, ON, Canada

"Merlo's has some pretty great Tuxedo's and suits. My own problem with them, is that they lost 2 sets of measurements. One of which was our groomsman, who lives in another country and only came down for to get fitted. Therefore, he had to get fitted two days before the wedding which was an inconvience being as that was the day of our rehersal."

Wedding Day Beauty Vendor:

Nu Way Hair Salon

5400 Tecumseh Rd E
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

"I absolutely love the ladies in this salon. They do amazing work and won't let you leave until your 100% happy!"

Wedding Fashion Vendor:

Sophie's Gown Shoppe

1780 King St E
Kitchener, ON, Canada

"Be very careful with this gown shop. Sophies tries to get you to order a dress that you will swim in, so that they can charge you more to take it in. I'm not the only one that this has happen to. The staff is ridiculously nice to us until after the dress was paid for. When I picked up my dress from the store, it was black on the bottom! When I showed the girl at the store, she said that that's why you have to lift the dress when you walk. Why are their floors so dirty? My belief is that they were letting other brides try on my dress."