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August, 2009 in Burlingame

"Overall, the wedding was amazing, despite the hiccups. It was a great, successful day. One of our favorite parts was riding in the limo for about an hour and a half after our ceremony with our bridal party, drinking champagne. If you can manage that, DO IT. It's unforgettable :)."


Ceremony: St Catherine of Siena Catholic Church
Reception: Embassy Suites Burlingame





Denon and Doyle

2580 San Ramon Valley Boulevard
San Ramon, CA, United States

"They did a great job, and are very thorough and reliable. However, do be sure to verify EVERY detail when you go through your confirmation the week before the wedding, or some things may be left out."

Hair salon:

"Maison Salon: Kathleen was my stylist and she is amazing! She is sweet, young, and awesome at hair and makeup. She's also very reasonably priced."


St Catherine of Siena Catholic Church

1310 Bayswater Ave
Burlingame, CA 94010, US

"It is beautiful, and the people probably have good intentions. However, we had a series of problems with this church. We became members, and called about having a wedding there. We were told we could not, as we were not born/raised in the church. We called back, and were told it was just fine to get married there. We met with a priest, scheduled our wedding for 12:30 on the a Saturday (about a year in advance) and began the 4 meeting process of pre-marital prep. About 3 months before the wedding, AFTER invitations had been printed, we got a call from another couple getting married at the church at the same day... at the SAME time. Called the church to sort it out, and our priest had made a mistake and not written our time, so another priest scheduled the other wedding on top of ours. Because the other priest did everything "by the book", we had to move our time, and reprint the invites. They waived the fees but that was not enough to make up for the stress. Then we learned our priest would be on "emergency business" in Texas and could not perform our wedding. Then DURING the ceremony, the other priest noted that our original priest was on vacation. Not good."


Embassy Suites Burlingame

150 Anza Blvd
Burlingame, CA 94010, US

"It was a cheap hotel venue which was great. The catering manager, Liza, is very disorganized and was not that helpful. The bartender (Bill) during the reception was a jerk and actually told my bridal party that he was having a horrible night and wanted to go home. Suck it up buddy, you're getting paid and its a WEDDING!! Honestly, if you can, I would go one step up and pay a little more somewhere else."