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August, 2009 in Boston

Ceremony: turner hill
Reception: turner hill





Les Fleurs

354 N Main St
Andover, MA, United States

"they did a great job..very beautiful and easy process working with them. while i think their prices are reasonable (for wedding standards) they were very unclear and mysterious about pricing which i didn't like too much."

Wedding Fashion Vendor:

Catalina & Co. - Wedding Fashion Vendor - 28 Old Rock City Rd, Rhinebeck, New York, 12572, usa

Catalina & Co.

28 Old Rock City Rd
Rhinebeck, New York 12572, usa

"catalina and co ruined my dress. it has been a couple of months since my wedding and i promised that i would spend some time afterwards trying to make sure people know NOT to go to Cataline and Co. they were really the most HORRIBLE vendor or service i have ever dealt with in my entire 32 year long life. they completely ruined my dress. kept my dress for over a year without making any of the changes we would agree on. they stained the dress. i spent $3000 on my 'sample sale dress' and they put several stains on the dress (it was spotless when i bought it) and they completely ruined the tailoring. they used glue, and cut the dress 3 inches to small for my 5'5" 110lbs frame. after paying them over $500, i spent another $1000 with other tailors and drycleaners trying the salvage the dress. throughout the process, catherine llyod was completely LYING right to my face. there were other very bad reviews on yelp (a few that were taken off recently, i'm not sure why) but i wish i had read the reviews before giving them my dress."

Ceremony Venue:

turner hill

Ipswich, MA, US

Reception Venue:

turner hill

Ipswich, MA, US