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October, 2011 in San Diego

"Our wedding was perfect. San Diego is beautiful all year round. We were able to have some wonderfully affordable options. Our budget was $30K for 150 guests and it was absolutely doable. We could have done it for $20K if we had a cheaper DJ and didn't pay for the open bar, so keep that in mind too. But we wanted that, so it was worth it for us. The weather was perfect (not too hot and not to chilly). The sun was out. ...& I married my love."

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Ceremony: Administrative Courtyard, Balboa Park
Reception: Cuvier Club


B-Boy Productions, Inc. - Band - California * Florida * New York

B-Boy Productions, Inc.

California * Florida * New York,

"If you want people on the dance floor all night long, these guys will get the job done! They are amazing!! They actually mix the songs so that you never hear "the slow part" that every song has... instead they just start playing something else. Not only that, but they also don't play stuff that you wouldn't want your grandmother to hear at your wedding. The music selection was perfect and appropriate for all ages at our wedding. These guys are the best. Period."

Cakes/Candies Vendor:

2Good2B Bakery Cafe

204 North El Camino Real
Encinitas, CA, United States

"2Good2B makes THE BEST gluten-free wedding cakes. THE BEST!! My mother-in-law and I tried cakes from Cups (La Jolla) and they weren't as good and had a funny aftertaste. NOBODY could tell that my wedding cake was gluten free... AND it was gorgeous. They delivered the cake to La Jolla a couple hours before the reception. They even made me a flavor that was not on the menu!!! I had my heart set on a white cake with a strawberry cream filling between the layers. Not on their menu. But they made it happen!! AND they made it happen WITHOUT gluten!! It was soooo good!!! These guys are the best!"


Moira Events & Design

2540 Albatross Street
San Diego, CA, United States

"Jessica is amazing. She has a wonderful way of putting visions together. She made my bouquets for a fraction of the price of a florist but with ALL the quality. The escort cards were perfect and unique. The programs matched my invitations and my colors. She's great. She is PERFECT for dealing with vendors when they don't hit the mark. My florist was not so great... but Jessica managed to fix the situation. My dress was ordered in the wrong color... she fixed that too. She knew ALL the right questions to ask the DJ about (since the DJ runs the schedule of the reception). She was wonderful to have at my side! Easy to work with and full of great ideas when you are at a loss, and lets face it, as a bride, there are so many decisions to make that you will definitely hit the point of not being able to decide on something."


Four Seasons Flowers

San Diego, CA, USA

"At first, I thought working with Carma (owner of Four Seasons Flowers in north county) was going to be great. On the phone she was receptive, positive and seemed to understand what I wanted. The week before my wedding she was supposed to come to my vendor meeting with all my vendors and bring a mock-up of a centerpiece. She didn't show up. Later that day she texted me pictures of a mock-up centerpiece that even my very forgiving mother described as "an ugly motel flower arrangement". So I had to drive 45 minutes up to north county San Diego to go talk with her about this. She couldn't make it happen. I used her because she was part of my package deal from the Cuvier Club and was stuck with her. (Not to mention how do you find a new wedding florist the week of your wedding??) But anyways, we told her not to do any of the bridal party flowers and we did those ourselves. The end result centerpieces weren't bad, but it was such a nightmare working with her that I would never recommend her. And if you want anything modern looking, don't go here... these are very traditional arrangements."


Julie Buchta Davis Photography

San Diego, CA, USA

"Julie was so wonderful to work with. She has a true love of photography and her work is art. She listens to what you are looking for with your wedding pictures and makes it happen. She also blended in with the background so well... you barely knew she was there (and if you ask me, that's how it should be!) I strongly recommend Julie's work!"

Wedding Fashion Vendor:

D&#x27;ANGELO COUTURE - Wedding Fashion Vendor - 4560 Alvarado Canyon RD , 2A, San Diego, Ca , 92120, USA

D'Angelo Couture Bridal Store

4560 Alvarado Canyon RD
San Diego, Ca 92120, USA

"DO NOT BUY YOUR WEDDING DRESS HERE!!!! The prices are great, but you may not get what you order. I ordered a dress in IVORY. They ordered the dress in "oyster" (it looked BROWN on me!!) Even though we looked at the original order sheet and could plainly see that this was a mistake that they made, they would NOT return it or give me a refund. They would NOT fix their mistake and get me the right dress. I paid 75% down and was out $700 for THE WRONG DRESS. And I had to keep it. There was no way around it. The worst part is that the OWNER of the store was the one who checked off the dress (apparently she thought the order sheet and the tag on the dress matched even though the color of the gown was incorrect!!) The owner!!! Makes me sick to think back on it!! You have been warned!! (PS- my wedding coordinator said that this is the SECOND time she has had a bride who had issues with this shop! The first bride had her dress ordered 3 sizes SMALLER than what she ordered!)"


Administrative Courtyard, Balboa Park - Ceremony - 2125 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA, 92134

Administrative Courtyard, Balboa Park

2125 Park Blvd
San Diego, CA 92134

"Administrative Courtyard, Balboa Park. Beautiful. Inexpensive (just a park permit ~$275) and private. Be warned, airplanes do fly overhead. If that's a deal-breaker for you, don't have your ceremony here. In October for a 3pm ceremony, we only had one airplane fly over during the ceremony. When the plane flew over, we paused (because it's loud) and then continued about 30 seconds later. Really not a big deal and such a gorgeous & private location within Balboa Park."


Wedding Ceremony - Ceremony - 2115 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA, 92101

Wedding Ceremony

2115 Park Blvd
San Diego, CA 92101

"Administrative Courtyard, Balboa Park. Beautiful. Inexpensive (just a park permit ~$275) and private. Be warned, airplanes do fly overhead. If that's a deal-breaker for you, don't have your ceremony here. In October for a 3pm ceremony, we only had one airplane fly over during the ceremony. When the plane flew over, we paused (because it's loud) and then continued about 30 seconds later. Really not a big deal and such a gorgeous location that we didn't care."


Cuvier Club - Reception - 7776 EADS AVE, La Jolla, CA, 92037, USA

Cuvier Club

7776 Eads Avenue
La Jolla, CA 92037, USA

"Cuvier Club has some great packages. Our coordinator was great. The food was great. In January, we picked linens though that they ended up not having in October. That was frustrating. But I was able to pick something new rather easily. We also asked them to hang a LOT more lanterns than you see pictured here... but for whatever reason they didn't hang them. I was also told that they left up some pink & green lanterns (that did NOT go with my color scheme at all) and a couple hours before the reception, one of my girls had to order them to take the non-matching ones down. Again, in the end it didn't matter, but the fact that I had told them a few days before that they needed to come down makes that frustrating. That being said, the cocktail reception was gorgeous. The dinner and dancing reception had a great set up with the dance floor in the middle and tables surrounding it so that everyone has a "front-row" view. The venue is beautiful. Though there is no parking lot, there was no problem for my 150 guests to park nearby. It is also only about 3 blocks away from the beach, so we were able to sneak away at sunset and take some pictures at La Jolla shores. The team at Cuvier Club is easy to work with and they do want to make everything perfect. If I had had a wedding coordinator, things might have been smoother, but that's what you get when you want to spend your budget on other things. They also provided a 100% gluten-free buffet for me (I'm a celiac). They worked with me really hard for the menu to make sure everything was gluten free for myself and other guests. That was great."