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September, 2008 in Peterborough

"We had a great wedding day in our hometown, Peterborough Ontario!
The rain held off and it wasn't too cold.
We hope our guests had a memorable time, and found our wedding map and site useful.
We extend a huge thank you to all who supported our wedding!!"

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Ceremony: Peterborough City Hall




Peterborough City Hall - Ceremony - 500 George St N, Peterborough, ON, K9H, CA

Peterborough City Hall

500 George St N
Peterborough, ON K9H, CA

"We loved the building and the gardens out front. We also like that we drive by every day and this closeness lets us reminisce. We didn't like that we got maximum 1/2 hour, we couldn't have over 50 people, and there was no music, limited decor, and the atmosphere was cool by staff. We got our month ahead counselling session about two weeks ahead and it was very brief. We didn't get to thank our officiant after the ceremony either: she was gone by the time we got back up the aisle."

Wedding Pictures:

Victoria Park - Wedding Pictures -

Victoria Park

"We did pictures right infront of City Hall instead. The flowers were the same as we pictured and it meant guests didn't have to walk. It turned out really well, since the street is very busy and we got a lot of support from passers-by."


Harvey's - Restaurant - 250 Water St, Peterborough, ON, K9J 3C6


250 Water St
Peterborough, ON K9J 3C6
(705) 743-6986

"Chris's Work"


Harvey's - Restaurant - 1040 Lansdowne St W, Peterborough, ON, K9J, CA


1040 Lansdowne St W
Peterborough, ON K9J, CA

"Becca's Work"


Downtown Dock - Attraction -

Downtown Dock

"Where you can launch your own small boat, or, call Peddle n' Paddle and rent one."


Our favourite movie store - Attraction -

Our favourite movie store

"This place has all the non-mainstream titles (a.k.a. lesbian 'dramas') we know you know and love."


Peterborough Park and Zoo - Attraction - 1230 Water Street, Peterborough, ON, K9H 7G4

Riverview Park and Zoo

"This is an admission-free park and zoo! Click on the link above for more pictures and times of services offered."


ShowPlace - Entertainment -


"Katrina and Maegan danced here last April. Visit the link above for the list of current events at Showplace Peterborough"


The Galaxy Cinema - Entertainment - Water Street, Peterborough

The Galaxy Cinema

Water Street

"For a great night at the movies, at least twice a year!"

Scenic Area/Trail:

Champlain  - Scenic Area/Trail -


"TRY not to write poetry here!"

Scenic Area/Trail:

Roger's Cove  - Scenic Area/Trail -

Roger's Cove

"Ask Becca about the Joggers...(there's a lot of jogging people here)"

Scenic Area/Trail:

Rotary Trail - Scenic Area/Trail -

Rotary Trail

"A particularily sentimental location along the rotary trail."

Scenic Area/Trail:

Scotts Plains Park - Scenic Area/Trail -

Scotts Plains Park

"Incredible! See the pictures!"

Coffe Shop:

Tim Horton's

"They LIKE it when we show affection here...NOT!"


Lansdowne Place

"Le Chateau and Old Navy have been most accommodating for our event"


Sobey's Lansdowne

"The world's BEST date-night! & it's open 24 Hours"