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September, 2008 in Minneapolis

"For the ceremony, we setup the chairs in the main room in two blocks with the aisle down the middle, all facing the main stage. We had a little tulle, some candles, pillars, flowers, rose pedals down the white aisle runner, etc. all to add some ambience. We even had a disco ball cake! Mark Farina's new CD had just been released and one of his pieces for his album cover was a tree, so to tie things together we used a tree as our center piece on stage with LED lights. We then bought a tree for all of the parents (3 total, Carrie's parents are divorced) and surprised them and our siblings with a private tree ceremony upstairs of Epic. Then behind our guest's seating, we took full advantage of the unique stairway. The main room is encircled above with a full balcony. In the back, there are stairs that jet out from each side of the dance floor and join in the middle, above your head. It then turns towards the back and touches base with the main floor. We had Carrie and the bridesmaids on one side and Carrie's dad and the groomsman on the other. Each couple would start from their sides, meet each other up above in the middle of the staircase, turn to our guests, pause and then turn around to head down to the main floor. They then rejoined at the beginning of the isle and finished with the traditional isle walk. We worked with their lighting guy, 1UP Matt, to come up with an agenda so that we could have some special moments, like when we kissed at the end of our ceremony, all of the lights went crazy and flashed and strobed. We also got to do the Billy Jean music video thing, with each step we took down the aisle, the lights would light the ground from under our feet. It was Carrie's favorite part! They also were a tremendous help in keeping the flow of the wedding going, everything from moving people from area to area as the night continued and keeping the DJ's, lighting guy and everyone else on schedule. After the ceremony, staff and ushers moved our guests upstairs for food and cocktails while staff removed all of the chairs from the dance floor and set up the DJ booth on stage. After that was complete, guests were free to roam around anywhere from up to down to the brand new, at the time, gigantic patio outside. After the doors opened to the public, our guests were the only ones allowed in the VIP section. Epic's staff did a great job working with us in setting up the night of our dreams! They always made sure to point that out to us, any time we questioned their limits, they would remind us that it was OUR day and to go for it. They hardly ever said no to any of our outlandish ideas. Any time we needed to visit the club to gather our ideas, they were there for us. Any time we needed to give a tour to our parents, decor help or outside vendors they opened the door for us. They even let us come in to practice our first dance so that we could get a feel for what to expect. Our first dance was choreographed as a wedding gift by Carrie's childhood dance instructor, Robin Lind. Robin's daughter, Kourtni, was just on So You Think You Can Dance! Overall, we couldn't have asked for better staff cooperation from our wedding venue."


Ceremony: Epic Entertainment





For all occassions catering

Minneapolis, MN, USA

"Amazing job, everything look incredible and was very affordable. Really helped us to meet our needs within our budget!"


Denis Jeong

Minneapolis, MN, USA

"Denis did an incredible job working with our very large bridal party. His rates were better than reasonable and the pictures turned out amazing."



Minneapolis, MN, USA

"Jimmy did a great job working with our very large bridal party. His rates were better than reasonable and the video turned out great."


Epic Entertainment - Ceremony - 510 1st Ave N, Minneapolis, MN, United States

Epic Entertainment

510 1st Ave N
Minneapolis, MN, United States

"Incredible place, the staff was very helpful, everything turned out amazingly!"


The Grand Hotel - Hotel - 615 2nd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN, 55402

Minneapolis Grand Hotel

615 2nd Ave S
Minneapolis, MN, United States

"Lovely accommodations and affordable!"