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June, 2010 in Rockwall

"All of our vendors and everyone who helped put our wedding together was great with the exception of The Hilton Bella Harbor! It was a nightmare for our reception! ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE!! BRIDES PLEASE LOOK ELSEWHERE FOR YOUR RECEPTION!!"

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Ceremony: First United Methodist Church-Rowlett
Reception: Hilton Bella Harbor Lakefront Dallas / Rockwall





Sabrina's Flowers

1903 S Goliad St
Rockwall, TX, United States

"Not top quality flowers..my bouquet was gorgeous but the guys' boutineers were withered before the wedding even started. Bridesmaids boquets were ok."

Honeymoon Vendor:

Travel Leaders

13 Paoli Shopping Center
Ste 13A
Paoli, PA 19301, United States

"Wow!! Our honeymoon in Playa Mujeras was wonderful!! Thank you Travel Leaders and Deborah for all your help! We even got a wedding gift bag!! They are so great!"

Limo Company:

MoonBeam Limosuine

410 County Road 4131
Cumby, TX, United States

"Love them!! Our limo was red and had lambo doors!! They are very reasonable and if booked in advance, will come to the Dallas area for your event"

Wedding Day Beauty Vendor:

Affinity Salon

2083 Summer Lee Drive
Rockwall, TX, United States

"So helpful and accomodating! My hair wasn't exactly how I wanted but I guess I needed to be more decisive! Champagne and updos=a great wedding morning!!"

Wedding Fashion Vendor:


Andover, MA, USA

"Ordered the Bari Jay bridesmaids' dresses here for a great price!! Awesome dresses for cheaper than a bridal boutique!!"

Ceremony Venue:

First United Methodist Church-Rowlett

4405 Main St
Rowlett, TX 75088, US

"They were so great!! We got married in the lovely chapel. Wes Magruder officiated! Crystal was wonderful!"

Reception Venue:

Hilton Bella Harbor Lakefront Dallas / Rockwall

2055 Summer Lee Dr
Rockwall, TX 75032, US

"HORRIBLE!!!! I got married several months ago and it has taken me this long to write a review because of the god awful experience we went through. It still makes my blood boil. To start, we had close to 50 out of town guests who all could agree they have never had such a terrible hotel experience. The front desk staff is so incredibly rude it was almost unbelievable. They were rude to our guests, guests at their hotel, and the rooms were not ready at check-in time...including my husband's the day of our rehearsal! They actually "moved" my parents to a different room three times! But let me go back because before we even got to the hotel I had to deal with incompetent, unprofessional hotel staff that I guess think because they WORK at a Hilton in Rockwall they can act snooty...PLEASE! Dorienne was our "appointed" coordinator. She would not return phone calls, emails, and could never give us a straight answer about anything. I could go on and on about her and delve into the details of her calling me a bitch on the phone, her incredibly unprofessional emails and so on, but that is for a different day. I also had the displeasure of dealing with Joni Cox for our room block...Actually, I never even spoke to her!!! NEVER!! She never returned an email and our guests in the room block were given the worst rooms in the hotel!! We elected to have our pics on the reader board in the hotel hallway...my name was spelled wrong and it started 3 hours late! PSAV was in charge of the reader board..it was terrible terrible terrible!! Pictures lasted like 30 seconds each! Now on to the day before the wedding. Like I said earlier, many of our guests who had booked months in advance and who had come from out of town could not even get into their rooms until after 4:00! Our rehearsal was at 5PM at the church in Rowlett!! That night...the night before my wedding, there was a fire alarm and the hotel was evacuated for HOURS!!!! My bridesmaids and I frantically grabbed the dresses and were forced onto the back balcony patio until well after 3 in the morning!! You could say I was a bit frazzled!! Unfortunately, because of the fire alarm, my husband's great aunt was hurrying out of bed and fell and broke her hip....she is still in the hospital, 4 months later. The day of the wedding we were promised the honeymoon suite in time for makeup..by 11 AM. We had already left for the church before it was ready...I planned this for MONTHS with Dorienne. The reception was a mess..the waitstaff didn't know what was going on...didn't know when to serve and kept asking me if it was alright to pour the red wine from one table's bottle for someone else. The food was great...the only thing I can say for the Hilton. (And the pool staff was wonderful) I was highly disappointed in the event coordination staff, the hotel staff and the overall experience, not to mention everything was extremely expensive! No one wants to have bad memories about their wedding but thanks to the Hilton, my family and I will always have to remember our terrible experience there on the most important day of my life. I beg you, if you are reading this considering the Hilton for your venue, PLEASE do not do it!! Save yourself some money and heartache and go across the lake to the yacht club!"

Rehearsal Dinner Venue:

Sail with Scott

Rockwall, TX, USA

"We love the Seawolf!! Wonderful after dinner cruise on the night of our rehearsal!"

Rehearsal Dinner Venue:


Rockwall, TX, USA

"Dinner was wonderful. We reserved the upper patio for all of our guests. Unfortunately there was live music which was really loud but we made the best of it! We frequent Primo's since we live so close and love the atmosphere, food, view and memories everytime!"