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June, 2009 in Kirkwood
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Ceremony: Eliot Unitarian Chapel-Kirkwood
Reception: Hearth Room At Hawken House


Eliot Unitarian Chapel-Kirkwood

100 S Taylor Ave
Kirkwood, MO, United States

"Oddly enough, we had more difficulty with the church than anyone else we dealt with throughout the entire wedding process. The math on my contract was wrong, so they had me paying $100 more than the total amount. They assured me construction on the building would be finished before my ceremony, and it was not. I understand they couldn't help that, but there was ACTIVE construction going on DURING my wedding ceremony. The walk-way for me had tuckpointing debris. I asked them several times to clean it up since I was going to be walking across it in a floor length white dress, and it was not until I asked for the broom myself that they did it. The minister never returned calls or emails, and showed up to my rehearsal an hour late, so my wedding party and I sat in the parking lot of the church hoping someone would eventually come. The air conditioning was not turned on early enough or cool enough, because when I looked out into the audience of my friends and loved ones while saying my vows, I saw everyone using the programs I made as fans. The room they put me in to get ready had a big uncovered window and was on the way to the sanctuary so my guests could see me in my underwear, which is what every bride wants. If there were a rating lower than 1, I would give it."


Hearth Room At Hawken House

1155 S Rock Hill Rd
Webster Groves, MO, United States

"The Hawken House was fabulous. It is naturally very pretty, so it does not require much decoration, if any. There are no required vendors, which is nice. You can use anyone you want. You get the facility all day, from about 10 am until midnight, and Ginger, the contact lady, is incredibly helpful. I would highly recommend it."


Hilton St Louis Frontenac

1335 South Lindbergh Blvd.
St. Louis, MO, United States